An Autistic High School Football Kicker Leads His Team To Victory

I love hearing stories like this.

My older brother is mildly autistic, and growing up his challenges weren’t identified.

It’s only in the last few years I was able to have him diagnosed and with that knowledge, it’s a bit easier to know how to help him.

Autism Spectrum Disorder covers a range of issues, many that only present in social ways.

My brother loved going to our high school football games. Other students at the time sometimes found his devotion to school spirit odd or unusual. It was difficult to for him to relate to them, and being teenagers, some often weren’t very kind. He would go to a local park and practice kicking a football for hours. I think he would have loved to have been a part of a team like Anthony is in New Jersey.

Watching Anthony Starego realize a way to be a part of something he loves is amazing.

This made my day.

(via Buzzfeed)