American Idol making folks mad

So, to be honest, I haven’t watched American Idol in years. Most times, I forget it’s even on TV still.

But I was cruising around iTunes tonight and saw the songs from the American Idol top 10. Back in the day, I would buy a track by a contestant I liked.  I listened to a few 1:30 samples then started to read some reviews.

Apparently folks are mad – and justly so I would add – that this season, if you want to buy a song by your favorite, you can’t do that. On iTunes right now, if you want the song performed by your favorite from last night, you have to buy all ten songs from last night.

A show that furthers itself by having people vote for their favorite now doesn’t allow fans to buy the track by their favorite that week…?

Sounds like taking the concept of the show and flipping it sideways: “we want you to vote and have a favorite, but to own a performance you have to buy everyone’s track.”


American Idol making folks mad
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