American Idol contestant to be booted tonight without singing a note

Jermaine Jones will reportedly get kicked off tonight’s (March 14) episode of “American Idol” before even singing a note, thanks to several warrants out for his arrest and violent crimes he allegedly hid from producers by giving a fake name to police.

Zap2it spoke with him yesterday (March 13) before an alleged on-camera confrontation about his covered-up crimes, and he sounded optimistic about his performance.

“I feel pretty good after last week. I’m thrilled with my song choice this week,” he tells us of the tune he picked, which falls in line with this week’s theme of ‘songs from the year you were born.’ “I think it really suits my voice better than any song I’ve sung thus far, so I’m feeling pretty good.

Jones gave no indication that he knew he’d be leaving the show, and seemed happy to perform on the Top 12 show. After the TMZ story broke, Jones tweeted on his official “Idol”-sanctioned Twitter account, “Awww I will no longer b on the show.” The tweet was quickly deleted — along with the entire account, giving credence to the story, although FOX has not commented on the matter.

I haven’t watched the show in years, but clearly things have devolved a bit since the days of Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood.