Alaskan citizen calls Sarah Palin a ‘sell-out’

At the Iowa State Fair, a former constituent of half-term Governor Sarah Palin caught up with Sarah’s husband Todd – the San Francisco Chronicle captured it all on tape. Catch the interplay between Todd and the citizen from Alaska:

“We’re from Alaska; we were sick when she quit,” the woman shouted as the former governor’s husband worked the crowd.

Todd: “What would you recommend doing when you got $600,000, $700,000 of debt hanging over your head, and you still have all these people filing complaints against you? What would you do?”

Woman: “Well, you go for the money obviously. That’s what she did. Everybody in Alaska thinks she sold out.”

Mr. Palin tries to further explain himself, again saying that he and his family were suffering under debt. The woman wasn’t having it: “[The debt’s] not there anymore is it? You got quite the deal.”

And over her shoulder as she walked away: “Sell out.”