Airman Randy Phillips, who came out on youtube, tells his mom he’s gay

It’s such an awkward conversation to have. And Randy Phillips has the whole conversation here. Good for him.

I was lucky that my father took the news really well, and it was a weight off my shoulders. It made my life better being able to be honest with my family about who I am.

I do remember the only thing my grandmother said was “don’t let anyone at work know” – to which I had to explain I worked in musical theater… 🙂

But it’s not such an easy thing for everyone. My husband came out to his parents soon after we met 17 years ago.

We realized we needed to give his parents some time to adjust to the news. I met his mother a couple of years later and she’s great. But in 17 years, giving his father time to “adjust,” his father has never shown any interest in speaking to or meeting me. I realize it’s not my place to force myself into their family, so I continue to wait. 17 years and counting.

I’m very happy Randy Phillips has had the experience he did, and for the rest of his life knows he can move forward with honesty, dignity, and the love and support of his family and friends. This video will let others know that while it can be an uncomfortable conversation, it most often goes much better than we imagine it in our heads.