Adam Rippon Wins The 2018 Winter Olympics With Athleticism, Artistry & Authenticity

Adam Rippon Wins The 2018 Winter Olympics With Athleticism, Artistry & Authenticity
Adam Rippon

Out U.S. figure skater Adam Rippon may have finished tenth in the men’s Olympic figure skating event in PyeongChang, but there’s no question he is a star at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

After a perfect short program landed Rippon in 7th place, Rippon took to the ice last night for his final Olympic skate.

Even with great athleticism, artistry and star quality, Rippon knew his perfect triple jumps wouldn’t be enough to beat his competitors’ multiple quadruple jumps.

Watching the scoring, viewers could see the triple axels Rippon landed over and over only garnered about 9-10 technical points while the quad jumps were getting 15-18 points each. Multiply that by 5-6 jumps per skate and you see the math was not in Rippon’s favor.

But Rippon gave Olympic fans all that he had. And more.

He skated his long program exactly as he planned landing seven triple jumps, completing every spin and along the way reminded folks that artistry counts.

Additionally, Rippon was authentically “Adam” every step of the way. His charisma and charm captured the hearts of viewers around the world.

As an LGBTQ journalist and advocate, my heart grew three sizes larger as I celebrated Adam’s amazing achievement.

“The Olympics are about a whole lot more than just medals,” said NBC commentator Johnny Weir, “and Adam Rippon just proved that.”

Moments after his final Olympic skate, he spoke with passion and clarity about his Olympic experience.

“I have gotten a lot of attention just for being myself,” he said. “A lot of people when they come to a competition are afraid to be themselves, no matter who they are. One thing I want to come with from this competition — I am not a gay icon or America’s gay sweetheart. I am just America’s sweetheart and just an icon. If you have a personality like mine it’s for everybody.”

Rippon leaves PyeongChang with a bronze medal for his perfect performance in the team figure skating event that cemented Team USA’s medal win.

Twitter was aglow with praise for Adam.