Ad spending for the Iowa caucuses

The top campaign ad spending in Iowa to date for the upcoming Iowa caucus:

1. Rick Perry $4.3 million
2. Restore Our Future (pro-Mitt Romney group) $2.7 million
3. Make Us Great Again (pro-Rick Perry group) $1.3 million
4. Ron Paul $1.3 million
5. Mitt Romney $536,000
6. Newt Gingrich $233,000
7. Red White and Blue Fund (pro-Rick Santorum group) $200,000.

Some more perspective on Mitt Romney’s TV ad spending: Romney’s actual campaign has barely spent over $1 million. Four years ago at this SAME POINT in the campaign, Romney had already spent more than $10 million on the air…

What a difference a Supreme Court decision makes.
(stats via MSNBC)