Absolutely Fabulous Christmas: Cold Turkey

Season 5 of Absolutely Fabulous
included this holiday special that aired on Christmas Eve, 2003. 
“Cold Turkey,” Edina decides to stay home and celebrate Christmas with
her baby granddaughter (Lola) rather than jetting off for a tropical
holiday with Patsy, much to the latter’s brutal dismay. 
In a dark but
hilarious childhood flashback scene, we learn why Ms. Stone hates this
particular day so much. Then a visit by Patsy’s older sister Jackie
(“Pats, I’m 72”) results in a mishap that leads Edina to believe her BFF
has died. But in the end, Patsy learns the true meaning of Christmas
and even sits down to eat one of those “food things” with the rest of
Edina’s family.
You can watch the whole episode on YouTube.  The beginning of the show