Aaron “Totally Not Gay” Schock Returns To Instagram

Ok, so it’s a far cry from the “totally not gay” moment above, but yesterday saw the return of Aaron Schock to social media after an 83 week hiatus.

The 35-year-old former Congressman from Illinois had a fall from grace in March 2013 when he resigned his office after reports of misusing campaign funds for travel expenses, concert tickets, office renovations and a personal photographer on call.

In the aftermath of his resignation, Schock became much less visible to the public which stood in stark contrast to half-naked Instagram pics and fitness magazine covers.

Yesterday, Schock stuck a toe back in the social media waters when he shared this Instagram post:

Rumors swirled for years about Schock’s sexuality thanks to his propensity to show some of that worked out body and a fashion sense that seemed to ping some gaydar occasionally.