56 Years Ago Today: Babs & Judy Duet ‘Happy Days/Get Happy’

Amid all the political angst I’m scrolling through today on social media, I came across Barbra Streisand who took to Twitter today to remind us all of this iconic moment in the annals of entertainment when two powerhouse artists gave us reason to feel uplifted.

When La Babs guested on The Judy Garland Show 56 years ago today, and they sang a duet of Streisand’s take on “Happy Days Are Here Again,” with Garland’s “Get Happy” that would go down in television history as musical magic.

Mel Tormé, in his book The Other Side of the Rainbow: With Judy Garland on the Dawn Patrol, explained that it was Garland who called him into her dressing room, played Streisand’s record of “Happy Days Are Here Again,” and sang a counter-melody of her signature song, “Get Happy.”

“The result was electrifying, one of those chance discoveries in which two great songs jell into one extraspecial opus,” Tormé wrote.