50 Years Ago Today…

My mother, Joyce Ann Slovacek

I found out an old friend is coping with a cancer journey today. We began chatting on FB, then moved to actual phone calls.

Having done my cancer journey in 2009, I always stop to swap stories from the chemo front lines… It’s just a thing you do when you’ve been there.

Along the messages today, I looked up and saw it was October 13. That date…it always sticks in my mind.

And then I recall – my mother passed away on October 13, 1969, from cancer. Fifty years ago today. I was 6-years-old at the time.

So many amazing women were sent by the universe to raise me. And I’m cognizant of that fact every day.

I want to be clear that this isn’t meant as a morose kind of post. Just a memory. The reason why we have photographs.

I do have fleeting memories of my mother, way back then…and a couple of photos 🙂

She looks like she’d totally be sassy, amiright?