$24 billion later…

Just hours after passing in Congress, President Obama signed legislation that reopened the government and extended the debt limit.

The GOP-dominated House passed the measure 285-144, with 87 Republicans joining all Democrats in support. The Senate passed it 81-18. In both chambers, only Republicans voted against the measure.

At the end of it all, the 16 day debacle cost the American people an estimated $26 billion and concerned jittery markets all over the world.

While concern was spread throughout the country and the world, it was disconcerting to me to see news reports and even Facebook posts by extreme right-wing believers who kept the message of “hold out, Ted Cruz, hold out!” Disconcerting because instead of fervor based on anything concrete, the clamor for anarchy was steeped more in a blind, uninformed rage against a President that some Americans have been taught to hate. Any and everything he may achieve is seen as an evil. But, if you ask these “patriots” to explain why they feel the way they do, very few have any specifics to point to. They have just “heard” it’s all bad.

I believe this country has to rein in spending. I do. But bringing the country to the brink of serious – and I mean SERIOUS – calamity isn’t “patriotism.”

Or “fervor.”

It’s just reckless.