2018 Midterms: Democrats Flip Two More House Seats

2018 Midterms: Democrats Flip Two More House Seats

As the last races of the 2018 midterms are finally coming to a close, there’s more good news for the Democrats.

Two more seats in the House of Representatives have been flipped to blue:

Democrat Jared Golden, a U.S. Marine veteran, defeated two-term Republican Representative Bruce Poliquin in Maine’s Second District.

This was the state’s first use of ranked-choice balloting in a congressional race proved consequential.

After the first round of vote counts, Poliquin lead but no candidate had a majority. Under ranked-choice voting, the lowest-choice candidates were eliminated and their votes reallocated to their second choices.

Golden, it turns out, was the second choice in more of the lower-choice candidates than Poliquin. That meant Golden for the win.

And Democrat Katie Porter upset anti-LGBT Republican Mimi Walters in Southern California’s Reagan country.

While in the California Assembly, Walters supported the anti-marriage equality Prop 8. And in the House, she voted against LGBT protections for federal employees.

Good riddance.

Democrats now have won five GOP seats in California, and Republicans are being threatened in another race that still is too close to call. Porter’s victory is a sign of changing times in Orange County, once known nationally as a GOP stronghold but now increasingly Democratic.

As a member of the California Assembly, Mimi Walters endorsed Prop 8 and voted against the ban on ex-gay torture. In the US House, she voted against protections for LGBT employees of federal contractors. And that’s just a start.

Democrats have now flipped 36 seats in the House and there are three more yet to be called that are leaning Democrat.