20 weird records set by college students

Collegestats.org has pulled together 20 odd world records some intrepid college students have managed to achieve.

These 20 records were broken by college students who proved that all
you really need is plenty of time to kill (that’s a big one) and
probably a fairly strong pain tolerance. Here’s just 10 of the 20.  Check out collegestats.org to see the rest.

  1. Farthest grape toss and mouth catch:
    20 weird records set by college students

    Trevor McDonald is the hero of everyone who ever played with their
    food. In April, the Bowdoin College freshman broke the world record of
    throwing a grape 37 feet in the air and catching it in the mouth. After a
    few practice runs, he successfully launched and caught a small red
    grape from 39 feet.

  2. Longest tongue:
    Chanel Tapper, a 21-year-old college student from California,
    currently holds the record for longest tongue in the world. Measuring in
    at 3.8 inches, her tongue is twice as long as average. And yes, fellas,
    she’s heard all the comments; get your minds out of the gutter.
  3. Longest game of ultimate Frisbee:
    A Montana State University sophomore was part of a 30-member group
    that broke the world record for the longest game of ultimate Frisbee: a
    staggering 80 hours, 15 minutes and 13 seconds. Players subbed in and
    out every six hours, putting each player’s time on the field at roughly
    40 hours.
  4. Biggest cardboard box castle:
    20 weird records set by college students

    In February, BYU students bested Harvard students’ record of
    building a 566-box castle. The 50-member team braved wind and rowdy kids
    to successfully form 734 boxes into a castle, complete with turrets and
    cardboard cannons.

  5. Longest marathon theater performance:
    The show must go on … and on, and on, and on. In 2006, 13 students
    at Loyola College in India performed 13 bible stories over the course of
    72 hours. One student dropped out before the end, but the rest made it
    to curtain.
  6. Largest snowball:
    The University of Florida never had a shot at this one. Last winter,
    10 University of Massachusetts Dartmouth students packed the world’s
    largest snowball, measuring 7’4″ tall, over 23 feet in circumference,
    and more than 6,100 pounds.
  7. Largest game of Pac-man:
    20 weird records set by college students

    In 2004, NYU students created a real-life version of the iconic Pac-Man
    video game, which they called “Pac-Manhattan.” Students dressed as
    Pac-Man and the ghosts chased each other around downtown Manhattan city
    blocks. The event was a passing of the torch from Dutch students who
    years earlier had re-created Tetris in giant form on the side of a university building.

  8. Largest game of Twister:
    This is one that gets overturned fairly regularly. In September
    2011, participants in an event at the Netherlands’ University of Twente
    put left hand red and right foot green on a Twister board measuring 170
    feet by 140 feet. The previous record holders were University College Dublin students, who stole the title from students at University of Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  9. Largest toy pistol fight:
    We should have gone to Washington U. In 2010, students there staged a
    record-breaking Nerf gun battle, packing 461 students into the Commons
    and having them fire away at each other. They split into two sides and
    fired back and forth for the required five minutes needed to make the
    record official.
  10. Longest distance traveled on a Slip and Slide in one hour:
    20 weird records set by college students

    Penn State students
    couldn’t hold on to their 2010 record for most ground covered on a
    slippery mat in 60 minutes. The University of Oregon now has the
    bragging rights, thanks to an October 2010 performance of 82,080 feet,
    or 15.5 miles.