Who Wants To Work Out With The Chippendales At Home?

Ryan Worley of the world-famous Chippendales

With all of the hotels and casinos on the Las Vegas Strip temporarily shut down, as well as the area gyms, the world-famous Chippendales are getting creative in finding ways to keep in shape while doing the self-quarantine thing at home.

Ryan Worley, who performs in the troupe’s Vegas-based production at the Rio Hotel & Casino, is making a series of videos sharing his tips for working out at home. The clips are short, easy to understand and definitely easy on the eyes.

“We’re quarantined here in Vegas but we’ve got to keep our spirits high and we’ve got to stay in shape because we’ve got a show to come back to,” says Worley.

The first video offers Worley in the trademark “cuffs & collar” offering info for working out your shoulders. He uses two one-gallon jugs of almond milk (about 8 lbs each) to hit all three heads of the shoulders – front, side, and rear.

Not for nothing – Worley is giving you cute-icious face and body.

The Chipps’ second video features a more G-rated Worley in a tank-top (dangit!) coaching us on how to get our glutes tight.

Worley recommends doing a hip thrust (aka glute thrust, we like that term better) at home with a pillow under your upper back and your feet either on the floor or on a stair-step. Press through your heels so your upper body goes as high as possible, hold for a few seconds, then lower. The winsome Worley recommends 15-20 reps in a set depending on your fitness level, and if things get too easy you can add some weight to your hips.

Worley shares that he’s a licensed personal trainer and plans to do several more videos in the near future.

Side note – Worley’s colleague Pat Tanski is taking a different tact keeping busy at home by busting moves as his adorable dog takes it all in.

Hit the play button below – you’re going to like this 😉

As Worley mentions in the videos, there’s no down-time for the Chippendales because the (fingers-crossed) plan in Las Vegas is to hopefully have casinos, hotels, and shows back up and running sooner than later. The governor in Nevada ordered all non-essential businesses to close for a 30-day period which expires on April 16.

And a Chipps-approved body doesn’t happen on its own.

The Chippendales are hoping to be back in full-swing when Vinny Guadagnino of Jersey Shore fame returns to handle celebrity hosting duties again. The ‘Keto Guido’ is currently scheduled to rejoin the men of Chipps from April 24 to June 7.

You might recall when the Jersey Shores star flashed his ‘mini-Vinny’ onstage and the cell phone video of the moment went viral? #goodtimes

Not one to sit idle, Worley recently launched a new “fantasy dates” website – BodyKink.

“This is a platform that connects models with fans,” says Worley. “It’s a strictly legal website and we do fantasy dates and companionship.

He adds, “BodyKink is a safe place where people can express their kinky desires and they don’t have to be ashamed for it or anything like that.”

The hunky former Mormon shares that a portion of the proceeds will be donated each month to Golden Rainbow, a local charity founded by the entertainment industry that provides housing and financial assistance to people living with HIV/AIDS in Southern Nevada.

Check out a few shots from Worley’s thirst-tastic Instagram:



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Out Actor Kevin McHale Reveals Washboard Abs After 12-Week Transformation

Former GLEE star Kevin McHale


For years, Kevin McHale played wheelchair-bound TV geek “Artie Abrams” on the hit series, GLEE.

Well, check him out now.

McHale surprised folks this week as he revealed he’s gone from ‘high school geek’ to gaining pounds of muscle and shedding layers of fat.

In an interview with US Magazine, the 30-year-old says he was struggling with an intestine and digestion issue that left him “constantly in pain.”

After trying several elimination diets, he found his weight ballooning as his confidence began to spiral down.

The actor, who came out earlier this year, eventually found his way to a personal training studio in Los Angeles called Ultimate Performance.

Powering through 4-5 workout sessions a week, McHale was soon on the road to an amazing physical transformation in only 12 weeks.

Key to the amazing progress McHale made was having a personal trainer who pushed him past his perceived boundaries in the gym and into results mode.

(image courtesy of Ultimate Performance)

And, nutrition became a new obsession. In addition to learning to eat a balanced diet of healthy fats, vegetables, complex carbs and proteins, McHale learned to keep a food diary, tracking every bite he took.

“I became obsessed with logging my food,” McHale told US. “I’d also be rating my energy, sleep and digestion each day.”

Sundays became “meal prep day” as McHale would take the time to plan for the week ahead, ensuring there would be tasty food at the ready.

Happy with his new physical condition, McHale echoed the sentiments of many who have put in the work to get on the road to better health.

“[Before,] I felt bad about my body,” he shared. “When you’re investing your time and energy into yourself in this way, it changes so much of your life.”

Check out the report from EXTRA below.

Nick Jonas Actually “Kind Of Dreads” Working Out

Shirtless Nick Jonas shares his tips on bulking up for his new TV role on KINGDOM
Shirtless Nick Jonas gives you abs and more abs

In an new interview for Details Magazine, Nick Jonas explains that although he packed on about 15 pounds of muscle in six weeks for his “Kingdom” role on DirecTV, he really doesn’t like working out.

He kind of dreads it, even.

“I hate going to the gym. I think everybody hates cardio to some degree. I’m not the kind of person who wakes up in the morning and can’t wait to work out. I kind of dread it, actually. I see it as a necessary evil.”

So, I don’t feel like such a slug when I look at Nick bulk and beef up. Even he doesn’t like it.

Read more about Nick’s journey to beefy goodness over at Details.com.

Plus, the folks at Details decided to share bonus pics of Mr. Jonas here.

More wine!