Wonder Woman returns to NBC – kind of…

According to TV Guide, the controversial costume from the writer’s mostly-unseen Wonder Woman pilot will be worn by none other than Erica Durance — Smallville’s Lois Lane — on the January 11 episode of Harry’s Law.

In the upcoming episode of the NBC legal series—also written by Kelley—Durance will play a mentally unstable character who actually believes she is Wonder Woman.

“What ends up happening is that my character, Annie Billson, has gone one step too far, or some would say many steps too far, and taken this psychosis, this vigilantism a little far in the opinion of society and she’s hurt one too many people, and so she’s actually been charged with a crime,” Durance told TV Guide. “She goes to see Adam (Nate Corddry), whom she has a history with and has gone to high school with. He knows her, so she seeks his representation.”

When asked if she would have preferred wearing Wonder Woman’s traditional costume over the long pants version from Kelley’s defunct pilot, Durance said, “I’m very grateful for the pants. I know that people were very excited about the underwear and seeing them. To be quite frank, I don’t know if I could’ve done the underwear justice at this point in time and it might have been more upsetting for people to see me in them than to not, so I think the pants are a safe bet for me.”

Durance’s episode of Harry’s Law will air on NBC at 9/8c on Wednesday, Jan. 11.