Donald Trump Shatters First-Year Presidents’ Vacation Days Record

Donald Trump will be thrilled to know that he has shattered at least one record as a first-year president.

The Trumpster spent nearly one-third (111 days) of his first year in office on vacation.

Contrast that with Barack Obama’s measly 26 vacation days taken during his first year in the White House according to CBS News.

Counting down vacation days for the last six presidents:

• Obama – 26 days of vacation during his first year.

• George W. Bush – 69 days of vacation.

• Bill Clinton – 21 days of vacation his first year.

• George H.W. Bush – 40 days on vacation.

• Ronald Reagan – 42 vacation days during his first year in office.

• Jimmy Carter – just 19 vacation days.

The White House has become so aware of Trump’s excessive golf habits that spokesmen regularly deny he playing golf.

Today, a white truck was used to block cameras from recording Trump on the golf course.


Donald Trump Prepares For 17 Day Vacation After 6 Months Of Playing Golf

Donald Trump, who campaigned for president criticizing President Obama for taking vacations, is now taking 17 days off after six hard months of playing golf at his country clubs.

Don’t forget this:

Just 2 weeks ago – “We shouldn’t leave town” until health care is solved:

And, of course, this trip on the “way-back machine:”

Trump Spends More Taxpayer Money In One Month On Vacations Than Obama In A Year

President Trump, who used to denounce the vacations President Obama took due to the American taxpayer having to foot security bills, isn’t having any problem spending taxpayer money on himself.

From The Independent:

The US President’s three visits to his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida since his presidential inauguration, combined with his sons’ business trips, reportedly cost $11.3m.

Conservative watchdog Judicial Watch estimated Mr Obama’s travel expenses totalled an average $12.1m in each of his eight years in the White House.

“This is an expensive way to conduct business, and the President should recognise that,” said Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton, speaking to the Washington Post.

“The unique thing about President Trump is that he knows what it costs to run a plane.

“Going down [to Mar-a-Lago] ain’t free.”

The three Mar-a-Lago trips in Palm Beach cost the federal treasury around $10m, based on figures used in an October government report analysing White House travel.

This includes cash for coast guards to patrol the exposed shoreline.

Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw also says it has cost local taxpayers $360,000 in police overtime for his three weekends in Florida since 20 January.

Each trip to Mar-a-Lago reportedly costs taxpayers $3 million.

During the campaign, Trump told the press he “would rarely leave the White House” if he were president. Only one month into his administration, he’s made three trips already to Mar-a-Lago.

Back in the day, Trump was often critical of President Obama for what he considered excessive spending on behalf of the American people.

No such reservations now, huh?

Trailer: “Vacation”

A new reboot of the “Vacation” comedy movies introduces a new generation of Griswolds on the road to Walley World and along the way hits more than a few bumps in the road.

Starring Ed Helms, Christina Applegate, Chris Hemsworth, Leslie Mann and more.

The end of the trailer with Hemsworth is, well, “worth” the watching.

Postcard From The Golden Princess – First Cruise!

First cocktail aboard the Golden Princess

Currently out on the Pacific Ocean this week as Michael surprised me with a week long cruise for our 20th anniversary!

This is my very first cruise – ever. Apparently most folks who go on one cruise come back for more and more. I’ve spoken to passengers who this is their 17th, 25th, or 33rd cruise.

We are on the “Golden Princess” which is part of the Princess Cruise Line. The ship has been chartered, however, by Atlantis Events. Atlantis is the leading cruise line for the LGBT community. So, yes, I’m on a boat with about two thousand gay men. And eleven lesbians 🙂

(Don’t worry – lesbians have a whole cruise line unto themselves, too – Olivia Cruises.)

In that this is my first cruise, I’ll go ahead and share that it constantly crosses my mind that it’s “just like the Love Boat,” which makes me laugh. While everything is very comfortable and the crew uber-friendly, every time I walk on the deck or see a staircase, it reminds me of the late 70s TV show. The decor on the ship is a tad dated, but someone explained that most of the regular passengers are seniors who like a bit of “Golden Girls” design. Stll, very comfortable.

We have several friends from past vacations on the ship, but everyone says “hello” to everyone; very warm, easy atmosphere.

And then there’s the food thing. You’ll hear from people that all you do on cruises is eat and drink. And it’s true. We are out at sea for the first two and a half days, and so far it’s just sun, fun, food and drink.

The restaurants are great. And you really do eat all you want. If you want two entrees, three desserts, just ask. They bring it.

My one concern is the internet connection is slow and paid by the minute so I’ll be a bit truncated on The Randy Report this week. But I will be posting, especially in light of the yesterday’s SCOTUS decision on marriage equality.

Here’s a few pics from the first couple of days on the ship.

Happy Tuesday!

Just like on LOVE BOAT!!!

Just one of many pools – we like the bar here 🙂

Mandatory life-preserver class – “Never let go Jack…”

Michael and I start the adventure

First sunset. And, more wine!

Just part of the view here on Atlantis Cruises 🙂

More view. Says it all, doesn’t it?

First afternoon at the pool. That’s a whole lotta gays, you know?

First official party – the “Dog Tag T-Dance”
Lots of camouflage. Or rather, not so much 🙂 

First group selfie: Me, Michael, Kenny, Tim, Gordon, Alex, Craig and Rob

Another right wing myth goes down: Obama’s vacation days

It’s a popular myth for the right wing to bellow about the “extreme” number of days that President Obama has taken.


The last couple of 2-term GOP Presidents took a WHOLE lot more vacation days than Obama.

I don’t remember them complaining about that, do you?

Oh – and the stock market didn’t double under them, either.

And we have never had 53 straight months of positive job growth until Obama.

Pesky, pesky facts…

Read full details at Politifact.