Zac Efron Twerks And Gives Ellen DeGeneres A Lap Dance

Hunky Zac Efron stopped by Ellen to promote his upcoming movie Dirty Grandpa, and our intrepid hostess talks Zac into a game of HEADS UP.

And, because she loves us, she picked the category of “bad behavior.”

Zac does not fail in his mission. He successfully gets to act out – in leather pants, no less – “lap dance,” “twerk,” “making out,” and “skinny dipping.” Although, I really thought he should have ripped off that shirt for the “skinny-dipping” challenge.

Check it out below.

Shirtless John Mangum of NC State hard at twerk

Shirtless NC State baseball player John Magnum gives a master class in twerking and becomes viral sensation

John Mangum, of the NC State Wolfpack baseball team, suddenly makes clear to me the value of Vine via Brett Austin. Check out Magnum’s inspiring performance 🙂

You gotta love the sense of abandon as he twerks his way through life.

UPDATE: Apparently, John’s coach wasn’t thrilled, so his buddy had to remove the original Vines.

But a clever Vimeo account managed to rescue all three clips of our man John.  Enjoy!