Redneck Liberal: Virginia Is For Lovers, Not Nazis

Trae Crowder, America’s “Redneck Liberal”

From Trae Crowder, America’s “Redneck Liberal:”

“I’m absolutely disgusted by this weekend in Charlottesville. But I maintain….love will prevail y’all.”

“I don’t know that there’s any symbol that’s more inherently un-American than the Confederate flag. It’s sorta the point of the fucking thing.”

“Ultimately, at their core, these people are losers. Losers who fetishize other losers.”

Watch Trae rock this rant below:

Liberal Redneck: TrumpCare Is So Profoundly Terrible Even Most Republicans Hate It

The internet’s favorite “Liberal Redneck,” Trae Crowder, shares his thoughts on the healthcare proposal TrumpCare, which he says is so “profoundly terrible that even most Republicans hate it.”

Along the way, Crowder takes “senior Trump administration anus polisher Jason Chaffetz” to task for his comments about choosing between health care and an iPhone.

“That sh*t is like telling somebody that if they can’t afford their work truck payment this month then maybe they shouldn’t have bought those blue jeans back in October. The cost of an iPhone won’t get you two aspirins and a slap on the ass in an American hospital.”

Liberal Redneck Thanks President Obama For “Pissing Off Sh*tty White People”

Trae Crowder, everyone’s favorite “Liberal Redneck,” took a moment to thank President Obama, “everybody’s gun-hating Muslim from Kenya,” for “pissing off sh*tty white people.”

Via Raw Story:

“I loved his message, his ideas — he was different, he was young, he was cool, he was funny,” Crowder said. “Most importantly of all, to me, he was an unparalleled expert at pissing off sh*tty white people.”

Crowder considers himself a connoisseur of the art of pissing off sh*tty white people, saying he likes to sit around in a Colin Kaepernick jersey listening to the Dixie Chicks and watching YouTube videos of Tim Tebow’s failures.

“When it comes to pissing off sh*tty white people, Barack Hussein Obama is a first-ballot hall-of-famer,” Crowder said. “He changed the game. Ain’t nobody done it like he done it — nobody.”

Liberal Redneck: Trump’s Campaign Is A ‘S–tshow’

Clip description: Hillbilly-in-Chief Trae Crowder doesn’t want to talk about Donald Trump all the damn time, but the son of a b—h is making it way too hard to talk about anything else.

“I took a week off from Trump to talk about the Olympics and in the intervening time he has heavily implied someone should shoot Hillary Clinton.

“He explicitly stated multiple times that Obama founded ISIS.

“He went after freedom of the press again saying it should be illegal for the media just be able to publish anything they want about him, especially when it’s false.

“Can you imagine if they were saying some truly outrageous shit, like accusing of him, like, I don’t know, of not being an American citizen or, like, being a secret Muslim, or something like that?”

“Liberal Redneck” On DNC’s Email Problem

Trae Crowder, everyone’s favorite “Liberal Redneck,” isn’t interested in talking about the Democratic National Convention.

Instead he’s diving into the deep end of the Democrats email scandal and hacking, which he admits isn’t good, but is really just the Deflategate of political scandals.

“Liberal Redneck” On The Republican National Convention

Trae Crowder, “The Liberal Redneck,” offers his sympathies to Cleveland after a week-long invasion from the Republican National Convention.

Trae takes on speeches from Melania Trump, Ted Cruz and of course the Republican candidate for President himself, Donald Trump.

Plus, the “Hillbilly-In-Chief” shares the one “glimmer of sunlight” he saw “through the shit cyclone that was the Republican National Convention.”

Truth and humor makes a formidable team here. Watch below.