Tourism To The U.S. Declines Under Trump At A Cost Of $4.6 Billion, 40K Jobs Lost

Tourism to the United States has noticeably declined since Donald Trump became president according to an analysis by the U.S. Travel Association.

Studying data from the Commerce Department (3.3% drop in travel spending; 4% decline in inbound travel), the USTA says the slump amounts to a cost of $4.6 billion in lost revenue and 40,000 jobs.

The “Trump slump,” as it’s come to be known, began soon after the Donald took office.

The losses also bump the U.S. down on the list of popular destinations from the number two spot (now held by Spain) to number three. France is reportedly the number one destination in international travel.

Travel experts point to Trump’s proposed travel bans, anti-immigration language, and heightened security measures to have put a damper on attracting foreign visitors to the U.S.


News Round-Up: April 18, 2017

Some news items you may have missed:

• Fitness model/trainer Lony Pizzaro makes a great distraction from Tax Day 2017.

• According to Tourism Economics, the U.S. economy could lose more than $18 billion and about 107,000 jobs this year and next year due to President Trump’s travel ban policy.

New York Magazine says Rupert Murdoch is now leaning towards firing Bill O’Reilly from his luxe Fox News job.

• A new poll shows 61% of adults living in Texas oppose President Trump’s plan to build a wall along the W.S./Mexico border. And yet, they voted for him.

• And speaking of Texas, did you hear the one about the idiot who stole a rainbow flag from flying at a church so he could leave an American flag in it’s place? With the flag was a note reading, “I didn’t agree with your flag so I took it down. If you don’t agree with this one, you can take it down. P.S. there are only 2 (two) genders.” No worries, though – the church figured it would happen some day, and had a backup Pride flag waiting in the wings.

• Even the cops get in on the act at New Orleans’ Easter Parade:

North Carolina: Raleigh Has Already Lost Hundreds Of Thousands In Tourism Dollars Over HB2

The Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitors Bureau is reporting that the Raleigh area has already lost $732,000 in tourism dollars and economic benefits thanks to the recently signed HB2, which legalized discrimination against LGBTs in the state.

The report went on to say another $24 million could be lost to the local economy if the “hate law” isn’t repealed. The report cited at least 16 organizations that have indicated they may move their scheduled events to another state that might be more “inclusive.”

Via Raw Story:

The city’s biggest loss could be a four-year contract for an undisclosed sports tournament that would have brought 51,000 people and $4.5 million in benefits to the area each year.

“We just felt that it’s not in the best interest of our membership to go someplace that’s not inclusive,” Johnstone Supply spokesperson Janet Tipton told The News & Observer.

Sarcastic Tennessee Tourism Ad Skewers State For Anti-LGBT Legislation

Funny Or Die skewers the state of Tennessee for the recently passed anti-LGBT law that allows health care providers to deny services to LGBT patients based on discriminatory religious beliefs.

This video serves up a satirical invitation to visit Tennessee:

“Soon you could cross the bridge to unenlightenment, ride a horse without worrying a gay guy is looking at your butt, tiptoe across humanity to relive a time when people were unequal, sing a sad country song about your gay friends being refused counseling services, enjoy live music, if we can convince anyone to perform here, gaze at the beautiful rolling hills where the fog is as thick as our ignorance, and laugh at an effeminate child!”

Uganda Tourism Board concerned the country is viewed as “anti-gay”

Gay Star News reports that the Ugandan Tourism Board met with the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA) over concerns that, for some strange reason, Uganda is somehow perceived as “anti-gay” in Western Europe and America.

Gee, I wonder what why that might be?  Possibly the “Kill The Gays” law that was passed and signed into law?

The Ugandan Tourism Board (UTB) recently met with the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA) to try to restore the country’s reputation among both gay and straight tourists.

John Tanzella, president and CEO of IGLTA, told the SoSoGay website that the board felt Western media had portrayed Uganda in a particularly negative light since the country passed a law that would punish gay sex with life imprisonment in December last year.

The law was struck down last month.

Tanzella said, ‘The delegation said that gay people are welcome.

‘They were very concerned about the perception of Uganda in Western Europe and North America, and claimed that the backlash caught them by surprise.

‘No-one thought it would pass. The delegates all pointed out that they have friends and family who are gay.’

The UTB maintains that the people of Uganda are “very hospitable, friendly, warm and loving.”