Filmmakers Edit Ivanka Trump’s Commencement Speech

From the activist filmmakers group The Meidas Touch:

Our video #ByeIvanka takes the commencement address given by Ivanka Trump today that no one asked her or invited her to give (which she gave in front of an empty room using White House resources after Wichita State canceled her speech because her and her family are hate mongers) and places her scripted, sterile, and disingenuous words against the backdrop of what is actually going on in the country.

Juxtaposed to the First Daughter’s speech are sound bites of reports that she and her husband Jared Kushner made $82 million last year and footage of her dining with China’s president at Mar-a-Lago.

Twitter Shades David Geffen For Socially Tone-Deaf Instagram Post

The Twitterverse threw all kinds of shade at out billionaire David Geffen after he sent ‘stay safe’ regards from his $590 million yacht currently parked in the Caribbean.

Wrote Geffen, “Sunset last night…isolated in the Grenadines avoiding the virus. I’m hoping everybody is staying safe.”

Now, it’s very possible Geffen missed the mark by accident. That his post, with the world in the midst of a planetary crisis, went socially tone-deaf in a humble brag kind of way without meaning to.

I mean, we all send out the photo-drone over the yacht to capture our truest sense of concern at sunset, yes?

In fairness, Geffen does a lot of great things with his billions including funding several LGBTQ organizations as well as giving financial support to Los Angeles area health clinics, theaters, museums, and charities for the homeless. Let’s not lose sight of that.

But folks on Twitter, who might be worried about having jobs when the pandemic comes to an end, weren’t having it. There have been over 10,000 responses to his post so far.

See below.

p.s. Geffen took his Insta private amid the f*ck ton of shade thrown his way.

Tone Deaf Vanessa Trump Brags About Her Children’s ‘Summer Camps’


Earlier this week, conservative pundits and TV hosts like hate group leader Tony Perkins and Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham began defending the current policy of separating children from their migrant parents at the southern U.S. border comparing the children’s horrific situation to “summer camps.’

Enter Vanessa Trump – the estranged wife of Donald Trump Jr., who in total political tone-deafness gloated on Twitter about sending her five children to “summer camp.”

Miss Vanessa was immediately bombarded by the Twitterverse with calls of trolling liberals who are rightfully outraged over her father-in-law’s policy of keeping migrant children in cages at the border.

The tweet was quickly deleted but, of course, nothing disappears on the internet.

(h/t JoeMyGod)

NRA’s Wayne LaPierre on Meet The Press

During Sunday’s Meet the Press, the National Rifle Association’s Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre sat down with host David Gregory and defended his organization’s universally panned call for armed guards to be stationed at every school in the country.

The NRA’s tone-deaf press conference on Friday has been widely criticized by all corners of the political arena, and several commentators were quick to point out that armed guards stationed at Columbine High School, Virginia Tech and Fort Hood in Texas were all unable to prevent mass shootings. But LaPierre dismissed those cases on Sunday, and said that lawmakers should be willing to try anything that might work. Anything, noted David Gregory, so long as it doesn’t involve guns and ammunition:

GREGORY:This is a matter of logic, Mr. LaPierre, because anybody watching this is going to say ‘hey wait a minute. I just heard Mr. LaPierre say that the standard is we should try anything that might reduce the violence. And you’re telling me that it’s not a matter of common sense that if you don’t have an ability to shoot off 30 rounds without reloading, that just possibly you could reduce the loss of life? Would Adam Lanza have been able to shoot as many kids if he didn’t have as much ammunition?’

LAPIERRE: I don’t buy your argument for a minute.

I think it goes to reason that if you can only shoot 10 people in a minute instead of 30, it’s possible to think fewer people may get shot.  That seems a logical theory.  Mr. LaPierre simply doesn’t want to hear it.

LaPierre equated gun
controls with morality laws and disagreed that removing assault weapons
from streets would save lives.  The NRA leader said , “you can’t legislate morality … legislation works on the
law-abiding, it doesn’t work on criminals.”

I’m assuming, changing subjects, that Mr. LaPierre has no problem with marriage equality since he doesn’t believe morality can be legislated.

p.s. – you do understand that the National Rifle Association is really about representing gun manufacturers, and not gun owners, yes?