Trump Campaign Threatens TV Stations For Airing Anti-Trump Ad

Donald Trump’s re-election campaign has threatened TV stations they could lose their broadcast licenses for airing an ad criticizing how the Donald has handled the ongoing COVID-19 threat.

From Bloomberg News:

President Donald Trump’s campaign, in a letter on Wednesday, told stations in five battleground states to stop showing the ad from Priorities USA, a political action committee that supports Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Failure to remove the ad “could put your station’s license in jeopardy” before the Federal Communications Commission, the campaign said in the letter. “Your station has an obligation to cease and desist from airing it immediately to comply with FCC licensing requirements.”

The letter was sent to stations in presidential battleground/swing states – Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin – which are considered vital to Trump’s reelection.

The spot, from anti-Trump PAC Priorities USA, shows a graphic of the increasing cases of COVID-19 in the U.S. from January 20 to March 22. The audio uses sound bites of Trump downplaying the seriousness of the coronavirus threat at the time.

“The coronavirus,” Trump says at the beginning, “this is their new hoax.”

This is the updated version of the spot released today:

Homophobe Screams ‘You Are Desecrating The Name Of God! You Will Be Murdered!’

On Sunday afternoon, as Adam Eli, a community organizer in New York City, made his way out of the 28th Street subway station, he was followed and verbally harassed for being gay.

Eli, who is openly gay and Jewish, told local news station PIX 11, “I’m sort of assuming they read that I was gay cause of the purse and also I have a patch on my butt,” referring to a pink handbag he was carrying and a gay pride patch on his jeans.

The man had apparently tapped Eli on the shoulder on the subway and ordered him to remove his yarmulke. Eli declined.

As Eli exited the station, he began recording the encounter on his phone which quickly went viral.

As the man followed him, he pointed directly at Eli and demanded he remove his pink yarmulke (kippah).

On the video, you can hear Eli ask, “Because I’m gay and wearing a kippah…is that why?”

“You’re desecrating the name of God,” said the homophobe as he began quoting verses from Leviticus. “You will be murdered! Take the kippah off.”

Continuing down the sidewalk, Eli told the man, “No – this is my life and my city. I don’t have to take my kippah off.”

“Stay in the closet!” yelled the man, his voice rising in volume. “Make sure your closet is in another closet! Take your kippah off! This is not Judaism!”

“I’m cisgender, white, I have a social media platform I have resources and that’s the type of violence that I’m getting,” Eli told PIX 11 in an interview.

“If that’s the type of violence that one of the most privileged members of our community is getting, can you imagine what it’s like every day in the subway to be a trans person or a gender non-conforming person or a queer person of color?”

In a series of tweets, Eli explained his reasons for sharing the encounter with his followers.

“ I spent the first 18 years of my life listening to people tell me I couldn’t be gay and Jewish,” he began. “Today I love my queer Jewish identity and nobody is taking that away from me.”

Eli says he didn’t report the incident to the police because he “didn’t see how that could help.”

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio became aware of the encounter and tweeted his support writing, “It takes courage to confront homophobia and tell a story like this.”

“I’m sorry you had to go through this, Adam,” continued the mayor. “But we’re proud of how you responded. There’s no place for hate in this city.”

Alabama Senior Arrested For Threats Regarding Pride Flag At Hair Salon

An 83-year-old man in Alabama has been arrested and charged after leaving a threatening note on the door of a hair salon flying a rainbow flag.
James Willoughby Wood (mug shot)

An 83-year-old man in Alabama has been arrested and charged after leaving a threatening note on the door of a hair salon flying a rainbow flag. reports that police identified James Willoughby Wood using surveillance footage which showed the senior leaving a note at the salon.

“This is not San Francisco or downtown Birmingham,” read the note in all caps. “This is Homewood which is a religious and family city. We suggest that you remove that flag before it is too late. We are concerned citizens. Good Bye.”

Before it is too late…

The owner of the salon, Issam Bajalia, found the note after returning from attending World Pride in New York City.

“We’re just very disappointed because our only crime (according to) this person is we have a rainbow flag in front of our building,” Bajalia told “My thing is what is so offensive about a rainbow or a flag and how does this disrupt your religious journey?”

Due to the threatening nature of the note, an employee reported the message to the police.

Wood was picked out of a lineup and charged with misdemeanor harassment. His bond was set at $300.

Nashville Gay Bars Receive Ominous Hate Mail With Images Of Donald Trump & An Assault Rifle

NewsChannel 5 in Nashville, Tennessee, reports that a disturbing flyer with an image of a gun has been sent to at least several gay bars in the city.
(screen capture via NewsChannel 5)

NewsChannel 5 in Nashville, Tennessee, reports that a disturbing flyer with an image of a gun has been sent to at least several gay bars in the city.

Melvin Brown, owner of the bar Stirrup, told the local news channel he received the flyer in his mail last Thursday.

The flyer depicts the letters “LGBT” but instead of representing ‘lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender,’ above each letter are images of the Statue of Liberty, a gun, a beer bottle and Donald Trump.

On the back of the flyer was a stamp of the word MAGA, the common Trump campaign slogan ‘Make America Great Again,’ and a return address that led reporters to a vacant lot in downtown Nashville.

“When you put a picture of an assault riffle on there, which was used in the Pulse shooting, and you mail it to every LGBT bar in Nashville – that is coming from a hateful place,” said Brown. “To say that it’s disturbing is an understatement.”

The flyer, which some are calling ’targeted hate mail,’ didn’t mention or appear to be associated with any particular political campaign, but Brown says he believes it was inspired by the midterm elections.

“The midterms are right around the corner and I think somebody is trying to incite a reaction,” Brown added.

At least four gay bars in the Nashville area have reported receiving the flyer.

Watch the report from NewsChannel 5 below.

Ted Cruz: Donald Trump Threatened My Wife

Appearing on CNN’s “New Day,” GOP White House hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz slapped back at Donald Trump for threatening Cruz’s wife via Twitter after a Cruz Super-PAC used a nearly naked photo of Melania Trump in a Facebook ad.

From Politico:

“If Donald wants to get in a character fight he’s better off sticking with me, because Heidi is way out of his league,” Cruz said on CNN’s “New Day,” responding to a late-night tweet from Trump warning, “Be careful, Lyin’ Ted, or I will spill the beans on your wife!”

The attack reveals a lot about Trump’s character, Cruz said. “That should be beneath Donald,” he said. “The reason he’s doing that is because he had a very bad night last night. He got clobbered in Utah.”

Trump’s tweet — which began with “Lyin’ Ted Cruz just used a picture of Melania from a G.Q. shoot in his ad” — is an apparent reference to an online ad by anti-Trump super PAC Make America Awesome, which used a photo of Trump’s wife Melania posing nude in British GQ in 2000 in an attempt to sway conservative Mormon voters.

Cruz responded via Twitter shortly after: “Pic of your wife not from us. Donald, if you try to attack Heidi, you’re more of a coward than I thought. #classless.”

“The tweet he was unhappy about was not even a super PAC supporting me. It is an independent group. I don’t know them,” Cruz said. “When Donald gets scared, when he gets angry, when he gets threatened … So last night Donald threatened my wife, he went directly after my wife.”

Oklahoma Run ‘N Gun Event Features Rainbow Flag As Shooting Target

An Oklahoma group organizing a biathlon event called Oklahoma Run ‘n Gun, which combines running and shooting. raised eyebrows when they featured a rainbow flag as a shooting target in a recent Facebook post.

From Oklahoma City’s NBC affiliate:

The post angered many people who took it as a direct threat to the LGBT community.

Event organizers say they did not expect the response they got and that it was all meant as a joke.

“People got really offended and really upset and people were really feeling threatened,” said Freedom Oklahoma Executive Director Troy Stevenson.

The picture shows two men with rifles standing beside a rainbow flag and the caption reads “new high visibility targets on the 500 yard range.”

“People took it as a threat, people felt very threatened,” said Stevenson.

“Since it said our new target and it had guns that I took it as a threat,” said human rights activist, Mahkesha Hogg.

“I think for many gay men and women in the state of Oklahoma, we feel as if we walk around as targets,” said Scott J. Hamilton, an advocate for the LGBT community.

Stevenson says he reached out to event organizers after seeing the picture.

“He assures us that it wasn’t meant as a threat. It was a situation where I don’t think the people doing it understood social media or how bad their joke was,” said Stevenson.

The race organizer tells NewsChannel 4 some people had been complaining about not being able to see the targets, so this was their response… a brightly colored one.

He says it was meant to be funny.

The event organizer tells us they are a fitness and liberty minded group, not a hate group.

Making the symbol of LGBT Pride your target to shoot at? Gee, I can’t imagine why gay folks would feel threatened.

You’ll all recall when former half-term governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, promoted “targeting” Democratic lawmakers during an election cycle and soon after Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was shot by a gun nut.

Words and images matter people.