Trump: I Don’t Have A ‘Messiah Complex’

Donald Trump (above) raised eyebrows this week referring to himself as ‘the chosen one’ when answering questions from the press regarding the current trade war with China.

Explaining his position that previous American presidents didn’t tackle China’s behavior when negotiating trade deals with Beijing, Trump said:

“President Clinton, President Bush, and President Obama and others should have done this long before me. My life would be much easier, although I enjoy doing it. But my life would be much easier if I just said, ‘Let China continue to rip off the United States.’ But I can’t do that.”

Finishing his thought, he looked up to the sky and said, “Somebody had to do it. I am the chosen one.”

But on Saturday, Trump ranted on Twitter that he was just joking.

“When I looked up to the sky and jokingly said ‘I am the chosen one,’ at a press conference two days ago, referring to taking on Trade with China, little did I realize that the media would claim that I had a ‘Messiah complex.’” he said in the tweet.