The cast of HBO’s “The Normal Heart” on Michael Sam’s “draft kiss”

The cast of HBO’s “The Normal Heart” stopped by HuffPost Live to talk about the upcoming debut of the film on May 25th.

During the chat, the question came up regarding how far the LGBT community has come in 30 years, including the NFL draft of Michael Sam and his televised celebratory kiss with his boyfriend Vito. Check out their comments in the video above.

The full interview is posted below the short clip.

“John Carter” with Taylor Kitsch flops at box office

Apparently the film – which cost $300 million to make – only grossed $30 million it’s first week in the US. Hopes are now laid on the international market to recoup.

Internationally, the film did make $70 million so far. But since movie ticket sales are split, the film needs to sell $600 million in tickets to break even.

I will say there are worse things than looking at Taylor Kitsch for a couple of hours…