Summer Dreaming With N2N Bodywear

This sexy little video takes you behind the scenes of N2N Bodywear’s latest photo shoot in Palm Springs.

As we approach Spring, what better way to help get our heads out of Winter?

I should mention that owner/designer for N2N Bodywear – Andrew Makay – is a good friend of mine. I think it was almost 20 years ago that he launched the company. For a few years, Andrew lived with hubby Michael and I, and we watched the hard work and long hours Andrew put into the company. It was A LOT. But Andrew never quit.

N2N is a huge success story for anyone who dreams of having their own company. I really couldn’t be prouder of Andrew.

Anyway – on to the sun and fun and mostly naked boys… 🙂

Happy Friday!

Happy Hump Day with teamm8’s Mate of the Month Myles Leask

Myles Leask for Teamm8

Twenty-five year old Myles Leask thought he’d find a career in IT recruitment. But then a turn at a modeling competition suddenly sent Myles into a decidedly different direction as a new career took off.

Having already been named ‘Mr. Sexy Wales,’  Myles is teamm8’s Mate of the Month for September.  Hit the link to learn more about Myles and Teamm8’s fab line of underwear and swimwear.


Rodiney Santiago’s “Ruf.Rod” swimwear line

Model Rodiney Santiago has partnered with Rufskin to launch a line of
swimwear. The new line, called “Ruf.Rod” features a variety of
different colors and cuts inspired by his native Brazil.

“This collection of swimwear, called ‘sungas’ in Brazil, includes solid
color blocks, mesh and patterns with a color palette chosen by me and
Ruskin designer Hubert Pouches,” said Santiago of his debut collection.

Check out more information about Rodiney Santiago’s Ruf Rod here. Click the pics for larger view.

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