Reminder: The 2015 Miss America Pageant Today On ABC

Thirty years ago I watched along with the rest of the world as Vanessa Williams became the first African-American woman to win the crown of Miss America.

I went to college with Vanessa at Syracuse University, and we’ve remained friends all these years.

Tonight she returns to the pageant, as head judge, for the first time since then.

Tune in tonight to see who will win on ABC at 9PM EST/8PM CST.

But for now, let’s relive the moment we all knew a star was born as Vanessa sang “Happy Days Are Here Again.”

Trivia – Vanessa had the idea to sing the song while school was still in session, but she didn’t have the recording. She borrowed my Barbra Streisand album to learn the arrangement – my tiny contribution to her winning performance 🙂

A more in-depth look at Vanessa’s road to Miss America below:

Filed Under – “Life Isn’t Fair – Or Is it?”

I say “Life isn’t fair” because 45 year old telenovelas star Julián Gil clearly suffers from superior genes. But we don’t suffer 🙂

While we all can’t look like him, we can appreciate him. So, it’s a “win” in the end.

Hit up Queerty for more from the 45-year-old Argentine-born Puerto Rican who’s clearly hot on and off the screen.

Happy Saturday!

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