Video: How Homophobia Feels In 2018

BBC Scotland’s youth program The Social shares this spoken word poem illustrating the split-second choices LGBTs make every day when it comes to public displays of affection – even those as innocent as a good-bye kiss.

Twenty year-old Sean Lìonadh found himself in a state of “arresting helplessness” when a passer-by in Glasgow told him, “I’ve got nothing against gays, but do you have to do it in front of my kids?”

That “helplessness” eventually crystalized in his poetry and film-making becoming the short film, “Time For Love.”

I can admit that for years every one of the thoughts Sean addresses here has sped through my mind as a younger gay.

I’m not so afraid today, although lengthy hand-holding does put me on guard now and then. I’m not proud of that but it’s true.

Watch “Time For Love” below. This is how homophobia feels in 2018.

Daily Dance: “Had She Never Asked Me”

Powerful and compelling original spoken word poem written & performed by Daniel J. Watts (currently appearing in Hamilton), choreographed by Cindy Salgado.

From the official website:

Had She Never Asked Me was written by Daniel J. Watts in response to the June 12, 2016 shooting that killed 49 people and wounded 58 others inside Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

Choreographer Cindy Salgado, having been commissioned to choreograph a new piece for Barton Movement, chose Daniel’s original text as the foundation of her new piece. The original work premiered at Axis Connect in Los Angeles, CA in 2016.

Eager to reach a broader audience with this piece, Cindy Salgado and Charissa Barton set out to capture it on camera, the result of which is this film.

Watch below.

Spoken Word: “The Single Most Important Vote You’ll Ever Cast”

 Spoken word artist and poet IN-Q drops these truths about the current presidential campaign.

‘Sometimes you need a great villain to make a great hero/ And that great villain is here/ And that great hero is you/ there’s no question in my mind what we all have to do’

From IN-Q: I’m #VotingAgainst Hate, Fear, Racism, Sexism, Bigotry, Xenophobia, Violence and Ignorance. What are you Voting Against?  Register at

IN-Q is a National Poetry Slam Champion and multi-platinum winning songwriter. His groundbreaking performances include selling out the largest one-man poetry show in Los Angeles history, being the first spoken word artist to perform with Cirque Du Soleil, and being featured on HBO’s Def Poetry Jam and ESPN’s World Series of Poker.

His newest video, “The Only Reason We’re Alive,” went viral shortly after it was released and just passed two million views online.