Team Chippendales on RumorFix: Vanessa Macias DUI

Amazing Race season 20 star Vanessa Macias got busted for a DUI on Friday, and now some of her fellow Race stars are coming exclusively to RumorFix to give their two cents about the incident.

Team Chippendales, Jaymes Vaughan and James Davis, from the show’s 21st season, tell RumorFix that driving while intoxicated is straight up wrong, even if you are part of the Amazing Race family. They tell us, “Driving while intoxicated is wrong! There are a million ways to do it. Take a taxi cab, call a friend, sit down and take a nap! There is so little excuse to be behind the wheel while you’re drunk.”

Being positive thinkers, Vaughan and Davis think the fact someone from the Amazing Race family has been arrested could actually be used for good. The two hunks agree, “Vanessa’s arrest is actually a good opportunity to open people’s eyes a little bit, because a lot of time people think they can have a drink and drive. And Vanessa seems like the kind of girl that can turn stuff around and speak out [about driving under the influence] and say ‘Hey, I made a dumb mistake, don’t do the same thing, and this is why you shouldn’t.’ So, hopefully she does that.”

All that aside, Team Chippendales assures RumorFix that they sure as Hell won’t be cruising down the same road as the former Amazing Race contestant. Vaughn adds, “Do I want to be on the road while she is? Probably not … We ain’t racing around with Vanessa — Thank God we ain’t racin’ next to her while she be drivin’ and drinkin’!”

Jaymes and James can be seen nightly in Chippendales at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

(via RumorFix)