Amy Kushnir still spinning publicity after storming offset at “The Broadcast”

Amy Kushnir continues her media parade highlighting her outraged exit during a segment of her Dallas TV show “The Broadcast.”

She talks with Glenn Beck here about the fallout of her storming offset last week.

A few inconsistencies here though. She says her comments were not about the “Michael Sam draft kiss” being about the fact that the couple were same-sex. She says she’d have said the same thing about a straight couple. Kushnir says she was upset about seeing a public display of affection on TV.

But when Beck brings up other famous “media kisses,” he mentions Al and Tipper Gore but Kushnir swings back to Madonna and Britney Spears – a same-sex kiss.

Kushnir also makes a point of describing the kiss as “nothing natural.”

She later mentions that many people have come up to her, thanking her for “expressing what we believe” and that they support her. But what is it that these supporters believe? To denounce public displays of affection? OR are they thanking her for standing against a same-sex kiss in public?

She complains at one point that she was upset that the kiss on ESPN was a publicity stunt. But it seems like Kushnir is the one chasing publicity at this point, no?

Recent reports indicate that Kushnir is the daughter of disgraced scamvangelist Rev. Robert Tilton, who bilked followers out of millions of dollars in the 90s. It takes a talent to convince a TV audience of one thing when you’re really doing another. Perhaps she learned a lot from her famous father.