Right Wing Rodeo – September 19, 2014

This week’s worst in conservative media:

• Rush Limbaugh says when women say no to sex, sometimes they mean yes

• Sean Hannity says the government will make it illegal to teach kids that being gay is wrong

• Greg Gutfeld rails against Media Matters for calling him out on Benghazi

Right Wing Rodeo

Some of the most outrageous things conservatives said this week:

• Erick Erickson: “The minimum wage is for people who have failed at life.”
• Lou Dobbs: Drunk women pretty much get what’s coming to them.
• Phil Robertson: “Convert them or kill them.”

Right Wing Rodeo for August 15, 2014

In the first segment, you hear the female pundit say “We don’t need the federal government applying, projecting these standards upon us.”

 Strange thing is: I don’t recall anyone being upset that First Lady Laura Bush promoted literacy and reading.

Why is it when Laura Bush had a pet project it wasn’t “projecting standards” on the American people, but when Michelle Obama encourages kids to get outside and move, or consider eating more nutritious foods she’s some evil force?

And Tucker Carlson comparing bath tubs deaths to gun deaths doesn’t even make sense.