WI: Multi-Platinum Recording Artists Headline ‘Get Out the Vote’ Rally in Madison

Via press release: Grammy Award-winning guitarist Tom Morello of “Rage Against The Machine,” singer-songwriter Jackson Browne, Tim McIlrath of the punk rock band “Rise Against,” international touring hip-hop artist Brother Ali and Mike McColgan, the original lead singer of “Dropkick Murphys” and the lead singer of the “Street Dogs,” are all hitting the stage in Madison to turn out the vote in a Wisconsin recall election that looks too close to call.

The “Get Out The Vote’ Rally, sponsored by We Are Wisconsin, will provide a massive boost to canvassing efforts days before the recall election on June 5.

The event, which will be held at the Madison Labor Temple at 1602 S. Park St., is free to the public with a sign up to volunteer to help get out the vote. Doors open at 5:30 p.m.

“Gov. Scott Walker messed with Wisconsin workers and now it’s time to pay the piper,” said Morello. “I’m headed back to Madison with some friends to help yank that right-wing extremist out of office like a bad tooth. We are ready, willing and able to use our music to help rally the troops to do the hard work of knocking on doors and getting out the vote during the last critical hours of this recall election.”

Three different polls released in the past week have shown a dead heat with challenger Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett having clear momentum and a superior field operation. Both sides have consistently said the election will come down to whom has the better ground game and turns out its base.

Wisconsin: Scott Walker’s number stagnate despite millions spent on recall

A new Marquette Law School poll finds that Scott Walker and his
most likely recall opponent, Tom Barrett, are in a dead heat, with
Barrett edging Walker by 47-46 among registered Wisconsin voters.

The really important finding here, however, is that Walker’s approval
rating, and his head to head numbers with Barrett, have not changed in
months — if anything, they’re going down. And this is in spite of the
fact that Walker and his allies have vastly outspent rivals in TV ads.

Charles Franklin, a political scientist and expert in Wisconsin
politics who directs the Marquette poll, sends over some numbers.

In January, Walker’s job approval was 51 percent; in March, it was 50 percent; and this month, it’s 47 percent.

Recent poll numbers:

January: Walker leads Barrett 50-44
March: Walker leads Barrett 47-45
Now: Walker trails Barrett 46-47

“There’s been a great deal of advertising in the state, especially
from the Walker campaign and Republican supporters, and we’ve seen
virtually no movement in the Walker numbers,” says Franklin.

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