Whack-Job Flip Benham: Roy Moore Dated Teenagers Because Of Their “Purity”

Flip Benham

You must stop, drop and scroll down to listen to this spectacular crash and burn by right-wing, ultra-conservative, anti-LGBT activist Flip Benham.

Flip called in to speak with Alabama radio hosts Matt Murphy and Andrea Lindenberg on their “Matt & Aunie” show about the ongoing controversey with GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore.

Benham attempts to defend Moore by saying when Moore returned from serving in Vietnam all the women he might have married were already married, so he started dating teenagers because “purity.”

I know, I know…

Via Right Wing Watch:

“I think that, number one, you need to understand, 40 years ago, what the Sitz im Leben was like in Alabama. Judge Roy Moore graduated from West Point and then went on into the service, served in Vietnam and then came back and was in law school. All of the ladies, or many of the ladies that he possibly could have married were not available then, they were already married, maybe, somewhere.

“So he looked in a different direction and always with the [permission of the] parents of younger ladies. He did that because there is something about a purity of a young woman, there is something that is good, that’s true, that’s straight and he looked for that.”

Then the radio hosts point out a few facts Benham didn’t bother to know and it all goes off the rails.

Benham gets so defensive he won’t stop talking as Andrea says, “You can keep talking over me but no one will hear you.”

Seriously, you have to listen to this.

Alex Jones: The United States Is Preparing To Nuke China

As a follow-up to yesterday’s threats to “beat the goddamn ass” of “fairy cocksucker” Rep. Adam Schiff, Info Wars’ Alex Jones ranted this video message declaring Trump will order a preemptive nuclear strike on China.

From Right Wing Watch:

Jones said that China is using the Korean standoff to prepare for war against the U.S. and that President Trump tried to form an alliance with Russia in hopes of forestalling Chinese aggression.

And yet, Jones said, Democrats and Republicans alike are trying to undercut Trump, including California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff. Repeating his homophobic comments about Schiff, the “InfoWars” broadcaster said “scumbags” like Schiff are hurting the country: “You think having all those fairies and pansies over there with their little chicken necks running around attacking our president all day makes us look strong? It makes us look weak!”

“So if China keeps pushing,” he added, “the only option is full commitment to hit China preemptively. That’s the only way to survive this nuclear war and Trump knows it. And Russia has already been told they better stand down. The United States is preparing to nuke China so get ready assholes! All of you wanted it, you’re gonna get it!”

Doesn’t Alex Jones seem like a character from pro wrestling?

Watch his rant below: