Seattle Police Officer Rides Over Protesters Head

To all the many, many good cops out there – this doesn’t help anything.

From the New York Post:

A Seattle cop was filmed rolling his bicycle over a man’s helmeted head as he lay down on the street during violent Black Lives Matter protests sparked by the decision not to charge cops for Breonna Taylor’s death.

The dungaree-wearing protester — called “trumpet man” by others in the crowd — was shown prone on the ground more than once as groups of bike cops pushed the mob back after declaring the march an unlawful protest.

As the officers advanced another time, one appeared to have had enough — and steered his bike’s wheels over the protester’s white safety helmet, according to a CJTV Media live stream. The officer — who was walking the bike at the time — then appeared to use it to hit another man to stop him getting too close.

Seattle police said it was “aware” of the video.

Joe Biden: Rioting, Looting, Violence Are NOT Protesting

Former Vice President Joe Biden (screen capture)

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden denounced the violence and looting that has been taking place during protests across the country in the name of Black Lives Matter.

From CNN:

“I want to be very clear about all of this: Rioting is not protesting. Looting is not protesting. Setting fires is not protesting. None of this is protesting. It’s lawlessness, plain and simple. And those who do it should be prosecuted,” Biden said. “Violence will not bring change, it will only bring destruction. It’s wrong in every way.”

Responding to Trump’s claims that the suburbs, where Trump needs to win back White voters who have abandoned the GOP in droves on his watch, would not be safe if Biden wins, Biden asked, incredulously: “You know me. You know my heart. You know my story, my family’s story. Ask yourself: Do I look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters? Really?”

Wisconsin: Poll Shows Support For BLM Dropping Amid New Protests

A new poll shows how Donald Trump could win the November election amid the recent violence that has happened in the aftermath of Jacob Blake being shot by Kenosha police officers.

Democrats close to the Biden campaign are concerned the looting and violence in cities could help President Trump, especially among the few undecided or wavering Americans.

From Axios:

In a Marquette Law School poll of registered voters in battleground Wisconsin, support for Black Lives Matters protests dropped 13 points from June to August, just ahead of the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha.

“There was an initial surge in support for and sympathy with BLM in June,” Charles Franklin, director of the Marquette Law School Poll, told me.

“The shift to a more negative view in August is strongest among Republicans, but independents and Democrats also became less approving. The decline was across all regions except for the city of Milwaukee.”


David Axelrod’s warning to fellow Dems about Trump’s effort to shift attention from COVID and unemployment to ‘law and order:’ 

“The timing of unrest in Kenosha has been a gift to him in that project.”

From the summary of the new poll on the issue of the Black Lives Matter movement:

In June 59 percent were favorable and 27 percent were unfavorable.

In August favorable views declined though a plurality held favorable views, 49 percent favorable to 37 percent unfavorable.

Trump: George Floyd Protesters ‘Didn’t Know Why They Were Protesting’

In an interview with Fox News’ Harris Faulkner today, Donald Trump declared many of those protesting in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder “didn’t know” why they were there.

The remarks came after Faulkner asked what the Donald believes the protesters across the county want or need from him.

“So I think you had protesters for different reasons, and then you had protesting also because they just didn’t know,” Trump said. “I’ve watched. I watched it very closely. ‘Why are you here?’ And they really weren’t able to say. But they were there — for a reason perhaps.


“But a lot of them really were there because they’re following the crowd,” he continued. “A lot of them were there because what we witnessed was a terrible thing. What we saw was a terrible thing, and we’ve seen it over the years. You know, this was one horrible example. but you’ve seen other terrible examples. You know that better than anybody would know it. And I know it. I’ve seen it too. I’ve seen it before I was president and during the presidency, I’ve seen it.”

Earlier in the interview, Trump labeled the protests as ‘riots’ and ‘unnecessary.’

He also said that the date of his first campaign rally since the beginning of the COVID-19 health threat on Juneteenth wasn’t scheduled ‘on purpose.’

“The fact that I’m having a rally on that day — you can really think about that very positively as a celebration. Because a rally to me is a celebration,” Trump said. “It’s an interesting date. It wasn’t done for that reason, but it’s an interesting date.”

As many know, June 19 is recognized as Juneteenth, the day the last slaves in the United States were freed. The Trump campaign picked Tulsa, Oklahoma, as the location for the rally.

Black activists consider the date and the location a slap in the face in light of the 1921 ‘Black Massacre’ that occurred in the city 99 years ago. Nearly 300 Black Americans were killed in the incident that was sparked by the accusation a young Black man assaulted a white woman.

Buffalo Police Officers Charged With Assault On 75-Year-Old

L-R Mug shots of suspended Buffalo police officers Aaron Torgalski and Robert McCabe

The two police officers in Buffalo, New York, that were suspended without pay after assaulting a 75-year-old man have been charged with assault in the second degree by the Erie County District Attorney’s Office.

From KTNV:

The officers, 32-year-old Robert McCabe and 39-year-old Aaron Torgalski, were suspended without pay on Thursday after 75-year-old Martin Gugino was knocked down by police at a protest in Niagara Square.

Gugino was seriously injured and taken to ECMC, in a statement released through his attorney Friday he was said to be in serious but stable condition and was “alert and oriented.”

The entire force of the Buffalo Police Emergency Response Team resigned as of Friday afternoon. The 57 officers have not resigned from the department and will keep their jobs, they have only resigned from their roles on the Emergency Response Team.

A Buffalo PBA representative tells 7 Eyewitness News anchor Hannah Buehler “these officers were simply following orders given by DPC Joe Gramaglia to clear the Square.”

WKBW spoke with two of the officers who resigned from the Response Team who said the resignations weren’t a “show of support” for the two suspended officers.

“I don’t understand why the union said it’s a thing of solidarity,” said one of the officers. “I think it sends the wrong message that ‘we’re backing our own’ and that’s not the case.”

“We quit because our union said [they] aren’t legally backing us anymore,” said another. “So why would we stand on a line for the City with no legal backing if something [were to] happen? Has nothing to do with us supporting.”

ACLU: Know Your Rights If You Attend Public Protests

The ACLU wants you to know your rights if you consider taking part in public protests

  1. The right to protest is a fundamental human right guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and the First Amendment.
  2. If you get stopped, ask if you are free to go. If the police say yes, calmly walk away.
  3. You have the right to record. The right to protest includes the right to record, including recording police doing their jobs.
  4. The police can order people to stop interfering with legitimate police operations, but video recording from a safe distance is not interfering.
  5. If you get stopped, police cannot take or confiscate any videos or photos without a warrant.
  6. If you are videotaping, keep in mind in some states, the audio is treated differently than the images. But images and video images are always fully protected by the First Amendment.
  7. The police’s main job in a protest is to protect your right to protest and to de-escalate any threat of violence.
  8. If you get arrested, don’t say anything. Ask for a lawyer immediately. Do not sign anything and do not agree to anything without an attorney present.
  9. If you get arrested, demand your right to a local phone call. If you call a lawyer for legal advice, law enforcement is not allowed to listen.
  10. Police cannot delete data from your device under any circumstances.

Trump Urges Governors To ‘Dominate’ Protesters Or Look Like ‘Fools’

Donald Trump rants that media spent too much time on Hurricane Ida and not his "great agreement" with the Taliban
Donald Trump to governors during race riots: “You have to dominate!”

It has been one week since George Floyd died in Minneapolis after a white police officer pressed his knee into the 46-year-old black man’s neck for more than eight minutes, and the protests continue across the nation with no leadership from Donald Trump.

From the Washington Post:

During a conference call Monday, Trump berated the state leaders, calling them “weak,” and urged them to “dominate” protesters, according to officials familiar with the president’s remarks. The conference call followed another turbulent night across the nation, as protests that began peacefully exploded into mayhem.

Trump also called on them to take back the streets and use force to confront protesters and said if they did not, they would look like “fools,” alarming several governors on the call as they communicated privately, according to the officials.

“If you don’t dominate, you’re wasting your time,” Trump said, according to a person on the call.

Demonstrators clashed with police outside the White House for a third consecutive night as the unrest spread from Boston to Sioux Falls, S.D. More than half of the nation’s governors have called in the National Guard to help quell the unrest, and at least 45 million Americans were under a curfew on Sunday night.

In some cities, law enforcement officers were seen marching and kneeling with protesters. But elsewhere, police in riot gear continued to increase their use of force, which added to the disorder. On Monday, Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear (D) ordered a state investigation after a man was fatally shot during an overnight confrontation with Louisville police and the National Guard.

Some conservative commentators are urging the president to address the nation, but the White House press secretary said Trump is focused on the far-left “antifa” movement that he believes is behind the violence. “A national Oval Office address is not going to stop antifa,” Kayleigh McEnany said.

At this point, we’re basically the ‘States of America.’

Fox News: Pence Dodges Questions On Trump Inciting Protests

Vice President Mike Pence on Sunday defended President Donald Trump for inciting protests in the middle of a pandemic.

During an interview on Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace asked Pence about the demonstrations in certain states calling for the economy to reopen where people were seen violating social distancing guidelines.

Instead of answering the question, Pence dodged and went on a lengthy praise of his boss.

“We continue to see encouraging results, declining cases, declining hospitalizations because of what the American people have done, because of the president’s leadership,” the vice president said. “We are slowing the spread, we are hastening the day when we can put the coronavirus in the past and reopen the American economy.”

As you can see – nothing about the question at hand.

So, Wallace went back to his question about federal guidelines on social distancing.

“But Mr. Vice President,” Wallace said. “In a number of these cases, these protesters – who are not social distancing – are saying they don’t want to wait. In many cases, they’re protesting your own guidelines to stop the spread.”

Wallace also brought up Trump’s tweets on Friday that called for citizens to “Liberate Minnesota, liberate Michigan and liberate Virginia.”

“So what does the president mean because you’ve got guidelines that are calling for social distancing and staying at home?” asked the host. “Even your guidelines to reopen the country are very phased and gradual. What does the president mean when he says liberate these states?”

“The American people know that no one in this country wants to reopen this country more than President Donald Trump,” said Pence again ignoring the question. “And on Thursday that president asked us to lay out guidelines for how the states can responsibly do that.”

“And in the president’s tweets and public statements, I can assure you he’s going to continue to encourage governors to find ways to safely and responsibly let America go back to work,” added the vice president.

Hundreds Of Thousands Of Puerto Ricans Continue Protests Against Gov. Rosselló

The protests against Puerto Rican Governor Ricardo A. Rosselló have now last more than a week with an estimated 500,000 residents of the U.S. territory coming together to demand Rosselló's resignation.
Fox News anchor Shepard Smith interviews Gov. Ricardo Rosselló

The protests against Puerto Rican Governor Ricardo A. Rosselló have now lasted for more than a week with an estimated 500,000 residents of the U.S. territory coming together to demand Rosselló’s resignation.

From the New York Times:

Hundreds of thousands of people swept through the capital of Puerto Rico on Monday, shutting down a major highway and paralyzing much of the city in the latest in a series of furious protests over the island’s embattled governor, Ricardo A. Rosselló.

The protest was one of the largest ever seen on the island, as Puerto Ricans streamed into the capital on buses — and some on planes from the mainland — in a spontaneous eruption of fury over the years of recession, mismanagement, natural disaster and corruption that have fueled a recent exodus.

Ignoring sporadic deluges, demonstrators launched impromptu line dances, paraded on horseback, banged pots and carried banners along several miles of highway, many shouting: “Ricky, renuncia, el pueblo te repudia!” — Ricky, resign, the people reject you.

Mr. Rosselló said on Sunday that he would step down from the leadership of his party and pledged not to run for re-election in 2020. But the governor, a 40-year-old former biomedical scientist and businessman, is growing increasingly isolated as a series of influential political leaders, some from his own party, have called on him to accede to public demands for an immediate resignation.

After years of mounting frustrations due to austerity measures and a slow moving recovery after Hurricane Maria, news of hundreds of mocking homophobic/sexist text messages between Rosselló and his advisors, appearing as a kind of ‘bro’ culture, appears to have been the tipping point.

International pop star Ricky Martin, who was a target of homophobic and sexist comments in the leaked text messages, has been helping to lead the protests for days now.

Fox News anchor Shepard Smith spoke with the governor today and asked him who in Puerto Rico still supports him. The governor was pretty much at a loss to come up with a name.

This is brutal.

London Protests Donald Trump Bigly

(screen capture)

Londoners took to the streets of their city to protest the visit of Donald Trump to their country.

Trump says the English love him.

This is all taking place as Trump meets with Prime Minister Theresa May and plans to have tea with the Queen at Windsor Castle.

Earlier today, Trump created a firestorm as he criticized the Prime Minister’s approach to handling Brexit to the UK newspaper, The Sun.

I could go into detail, but let’s let the video and photos tell the story.