Ex-Gay Porn Actor Running For Anti-LGBTQ Political Party

Ex-gay porn performer Logan McCree
Ex-gay porn performer Logan McCree
Ex-gay porn performer Logan McCree (photo – cropped: fotorebelxt via CC license 2.0)

Philipp Tanzer, who performed in gay porn as Logan McCree, is planning a run for Scottish parliament in May’s Holyrood election.

Tanzer, whose previous porn catalogue includes films like Rear Deliveries and Hotter Than Hell 2, raised eyebrows a bit when he announced his plans to stand for the anti-LGBTQ Scottish Family Party.

Saying he now identifies as ‘ex-gay, the 43-year-old  says the political party, which opposes any LGBTQ-inclusive education, “best represent my views on life and society.”

According to the SFP’s website, LGBTQ-inclusive education “mandates the indoctrination of schoolchildren into a radical ideology of sexuality.” The group also opposes ‘transgender ideology’ saying it confuses young people.

Tanzer has declared his candidacy for the Highlands and Islands after moving to Durness, Sutherland, in 2012.

Philipp Tanzer today
Philipp Tanzer today (screen capture via BBC)

In an interview with The Times, Tanzer says that since leaving adult entertainment he’s worked as a hairdresser, a massage therapist, and a fireman. He also shares that he’s currently in a relationship with a woman and considering “marriage and starting a family.”

The self-described ‘men’s rights activist’ also called out the porn industry saying, “In one year I lost five friends in the industry to suicide and drug overdoses. I have seen the harm porn addiction can do.”

He makes a point to say that porn is not just an issue for men.

“Both boys and girls consume pornography and both suffer under its impact,” said Tanzer.

Seeming to brush aside responsibility for his adult entertainment career, today he shares, “I was pushed into identifying myself as something at the age of 32 that I was not.”

Read the full article here.

Tanzer was profiled by the BBC last year in a report titled, “I am a Men’s Rights Activist.”

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