Albuquerque Journal Publishes Racist “Dreamers” Political Cartoon, Issues Apology

(from Albuquerque Journal)

Umm, wow.

Check out the insanely racist cartoon above which ran yesterday in The Albuquerque Journal.

The paper has always had a conservative editorial board, but this is taking things to a whole different level.

The editor in chief published an apology today.

From The Albuquerque Journal:

Political cartoons are often satire and poke at more than one point of view. I do not presume to know what cartoonist Sean Delonas was trying to convey in his cartoon that was published in Wednesday’s Albuquerque Journal. But on one level it appeared to us to be poking at President Trump’s rhetoric by portraying a quaking Republican couple who were painting Dreamers with a broad, totally false, brush.

Obviously, that was not the message received by many readers. Instead, many saw an extremely objectionable cartoon and thought that was the position of the Journal. It is not.

In hindsight, instead of generating debate, this cartoon only inflamed emotions. This was not the intent, and for that, the Journal apologizes.