Members stand behind pastor’s anti-gay sermon

Parishioners of Pastor Charles L. Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church support his view that gays deserve to be killed.

Quoting the Bible, Worley’s flock tell reporters they fully support him and that gays should be killed. Worley twice this month called for the mass murder of the world’s homosexuals by airlifting and dropping all “lesbians” and all “queers and homosexuals” into an electrified fenced-in area so they can die out.

“So he had every right to say what he said, about putting them in a pen, feeding them. The Bible says they’re worthy of death. He only preaches the word,” says Geneva Sims of the Pastor’s plan to kill gay people. Sims is a parishioner of Pastor Worley and fully supports him.

Another supporter, Stacey Pritchard says, “Sometimes you gotta be scared straight.”