News Round-Up: July 22, 2018

UK fitness guy Dan Tai (above) worked out with a broken wrist this weekend. #slacker #woof #ThatFace - plus some other news stories
Dan Tai

 Some news items you might have missed:

• UK fitness guy Dan Tai (above) worked out with a broken wrist this weekend. #slacker #woof #ThatFace

• Cuba is currently in the process of re-writing its constitution, and the latest draft opens the door to same-sex marriage. Instead listing marriage as between husband and wife, the language presently only defines marriage as ‘between two individuals.’

• Step aside, Batman. The CW is currently developing a new addition to the DC super-hero universe of TV shows around the character of “Batwoman,” aka Kate Kane. Kane, a lesbian, would be DC’s first openly LGBT character on TV.

• Also in super-news, the CW’s Supergirl is making TV history having cast transgender activist and actress Nicole Maines to play TV’s first transgender superhero, Nia Nal (aka Dreamer), a character described as a soulful young transgender woman with a fierce drive to protect others.

• A gay couple in Indiana were turned away by an anti-gay florist when shopping for flowers for their wedding. Rita Harris of Avon Flowers was initially fine with the impending wedding date, but when she realized there wasn’t a bride, she suddenly had a vacation planned and wasn’t available. #liar

• New York Giants co-owner Steve Tisch will not punish his players for any displays of protest during the national anthem. Tisch added that Donald Trump’s interference in the issue shows “he has no understanding of why they take a knee or why they’re protesting.”

• Sexy out artist Billy Winn begins his new EP, Dreamland I, with “Seal It with a Kiss,” a smooth, electro-pop track written and produced by Billy and Johnie & Elliot of the production team OneVision, about an attraction that’s so strong, words are not needed to express it.

Check out the new music video “Seal It with a Kiss” below and head over to his Soundcloud to hear the full EP.

You Can Play & New York Giants Team Up For Pro-LGBT Inclusive Message

The New York Giants team up with You Can Play for this pro-LGBT inclusion message from the N

“The New York Giants believe that all athletes should be afforded equal opportunity, and judged only by their talent, character and work ethic.”

From the You Can Play Foundation:

In addition to the video, You Can Play announced that the Giants will host a special You Can Play tailgate and game day event on December 20 when the Carolina Panthers visit New York. You Can Play has presented several times to Giants players, coaches and management on LGBT inclusion and creating a safe and inclusive locker room environment. The Giants Foundation also has provided a grant to support You Can Play’s work in fighting homophobia.

I’ll be curious to see two things: how quickly other NFL teams follow; and how this affects the possibility of an NFL player coming out in the near future.

Good start though. Congrats to the NY Giants – currently in first place in their division I might add…

Gay-friendly teams to face off in Super Bowl XLVI

If you watch this year’s Super Bowl, you’ll see a rare sight – two of the most gay-friendly teams in all of professional sports. Both the New York Giants and the New England Patriots have strong reputations for equality.

Steve Tisch, owner of the New York Giants, filmed a video for HRC’s New Yorkers for Marriage Equality campaign in 2011, saying, “I am proud to join the chorus of professionals in sports working for fairness both on and off the field.”

Former Giants star Michael Strahan, now a football analyst for Fox Sports, recorded a video as well, saying he feels “it’s unfair to keep committed couples from getting married.”

On the Patriots side, they were the first team to send a representative to the Gay Bowl, the championship game for the National Gay Flag Football League, according to Outsports.

Also, Patriots safety Bret Lockett showed his support for equality by posing for the NOH8 Campaign last year.

Whether you root for the Patriots or the Giants, know that you’re rooting for a team that hails from a place that embraces marriage equality. How’s that for a level playing field?

And even if you don’t watch the game, check out Tisch’s and Strahan’s testimonials below.