Today’s Date Is Super-Extra Special

Today’s the day of the big J.Lo/Shakira concert! I hear in honor of the music, there will also be a big sports ball game.

Plus, it’s Groundhog’s Day – and yep, Punxsutawney Phil predicts early spring.

AND – today’s date is a rare eight-digit palindrome (reads same, forward and backward), 02/02/2020 — the only one of its kind this century:

Aziz Inan, a University of Portland (Ore.) professor who has a website chronicling 500 years’ worth of palindromes, tells the Post about today’s rare configuration — where both MM/DD/YEAR and DD/MM/YEAR are palindromes.

“The previous eight-digit palindrome like this was 11/11/1111, 909 years ago. We’ll only have to wait another 101 years for 12/12/2121.”

P.S. Today is “the 33rd day of the year, which is followed by 333 more days.”

(via Axios)