Former Calvin Klein lover says he was forced to take lie detector test

Page Six has the sordid details:

In February 2011, Klein threw a lavish
21st birthday party for Gruber at downtown restaurant Indochine,
summoning A-listers Alec Baldwin, Anna Wintour and Donna Karan. But soon
after, Gruber claims, Klein’s jealousy started to sour the affair.
That spring, the designer left town, and
Gruber invited a male friend to sleep over at Klein’s Perry Street
residence for, he says, entirely innocent reasons. When Klein returned,
the housekeeper tattled about his lover’s overnight guest. Despite
Gruber’s denials, the designer assumed the worst-and that’s when things
got ugly, he says.
“[Calvin] picked me up in his car, drove
me down to the Holiday Inn in Chelsea, and we went downstairs in the
basement of the hotel,” he says, furrowing his brow.
According to Gruber, another man was
waiting there with a lie detector. He said he was an ex-detective, and
presented a business card bearing the name “Dr. Love.” Gruber, indignant
that Klein was accusing him of cheating, says he agreed to be hooked up
to the machine and interrogated for about two hours.
“He made me take a lie-detector test,”
Gruber says in disbelief. “I passed it. And then, you know, things were
much better. But I mean, what kind of partner would make you take a lie
detector test? I was like, ‘Did you ever cheat on me, Calvin?’ I never
cheated on him.”

If that wasn’t eye-roll inducing enough, Gruber goes on to state that it’s impossible for bystanders not to fall for him.

“I don’t know why, but there’s, like,
something about me that attracts everyone. I have a nickname called
Romeo. I get every girl, and even guys. Something about me draws them
all in.”

SRSLY?  Did he really say that?  I just can’t wrap my head around ego like that.

Gruber also insists in the Page Six interview that he’s straight and didn’t date Calvin Klein for the money or lifestyle. His book, tentatively titled Obsession: My Life With Calvin Klein, will be released in January.