Video: “Master Dance Class” For Sacramento Music Circus

Me in black and Kat Murphy on the right

On the opening day of BYE BYE BIRDIE at Sacramento Music Circus, I was asked to teach a Master Dance Class as part of the community outreach program at Music Circus.

I’m occasionally asked to teach these classes, and I do so with the understanding that I’m a choreographer and not a “technical” teacher. I talk about the style and thought behind the choreography, but trust me – no one wants to see me demonstrate a tendu or dégagé 🙂

My trusted partner in crime, Kat Murphy, came along to warm the group up; and then we taught a bit of the show’s “Got A Lot Of Livin To Do” choreography. We also sat and did a Q&A with the dancers about classes, approach to choreography, and other theatre topics. Some really good questions came up.

When I was asked to teach the class it was in the middle of rehearsals for BYE BYE BIRDIE and I was knee deep in choreography. It crossed my mind I might be a bit fried by opening day. But I was so glad I followed through. So many thanked me for the class; one dancer said she lived 30 minutes away and only had access to ballet classes – no theatre dance. So, it filled my soul a bit to see folks enjoy dancing so much.

Please note: I didn’t know they were recording this or I certainly would have “danced out” more. At this point we had been dancing for almost an hour and a half, and I was giving the group one last chance to dance. This 51 year old was trying to reserve resources 🙂

Can we talk about the girl (her name is Alison we found out later) in the white tank top? She is KILLING it! Alison, you better live that dance.

She and all the folks who showed up made me smile. I hadn’t danced without the pressure of a rehearsal time limit in a while, so it was fun to just dance again.

Video Montage From “Bye Bye Birdie” At Sacramento Music Circus

“Got A Lot Of Livin To Do”

Regular readers of The Randy Report know I split my career between writing about LGBT and pop culture issues here and working in the theater.

The past two weeks my posting here has been a little light as I’ve been choreographing a new production of the all-American musical Bye Bye Birdie for Sacramento Music Circus. Artistic Director Glenn Casale invited me and a fab cast on a terrific journey bringing this classic to life again.

I’ve received some emails asking how the show went, so I’m happy to share this montage of clips from the opening night performance.

Make sure you catch the moment between my partner in crime/Associate Choreographer Kat Murphy as she reacts to “Conrad Birdie” (Nate Hackmann) at the 4:02 mark. Nate, Kat and the whole company stopped the show with that performance of “Honestly Sincere.”

Loved the whole experience. If you’re in the Sacramento area this week, head over to Sacramento Music Circus and see the result of our work. It’s fun.

Click on any of the pics to enlarge.

“One Last Kiss”

“Healthy Normal American Boy”

“We Love You Conrad”

“The Telephone Hour”

Nate Hackmann as “Conrad Birdie”

Bye Bye Birdie – “Honestly Sincere”

Apologies in advance today for light posting. I’m staging three big numbers (including “Honestly Sincere”) today at Sacramento Music Circus for the upcoming production of BYE BYE BIRDIE opening next Tuesday.

Thought I’d share a little of the world I’m working in right now. Happy Tuesday!

A new adventure – A Chorus Line at Sacramento Music Circus

With my partner in crime, Kat Murphy

So a new adventure in the theater lies in store for me over the next ten days.

I’m currently back in Sacramento at the Music Circus where I staged Chicago The Musical last August.  I’m flattered to be asked back this year, and to stage a show near and dear to my heart, A Chorus Line.

(Regular readers of The Randy Report will know that the first half of my life was spent living in the theater.  I’m lucky to still work in this “temple” I call home.)

We began rehearsals today and the cast is really quite wonderful.  I’ll be choreographing the show, and the fantastic Stafford Arima is directing.

Also along for the ride – as I need her whenever I can get her – is my “partner in crime” associate Kat Murphy.  Kat has been my team mate for several theater productions now, and I can’t imagine these adventures without her.  She’s a formidable talent in her own right, AND she can read my mind.

I will be posting her throughout the next week, just on different timing depending on my rehearsal schedule.  So I thank you all in advance for staying with me as my posts may come at different hours.  Please check back here as The Randy Report keeps me sane connecting with you all.  This really is my time to take care of myself by being a part of the blogosphere.

For more info about Sacramento Music Circus, please click here.

Opening night pics of CHICAGO the Musical at Sacramento Music Circus

What an amazing opening night for Sacramento Music Circus’ production of CHICAGO the Musical! The entire cast and crew delivered some serious “razzle dazzle” and all that jazz. I am so proud of this fab company.

The production is unlike any other of CHICAGO, not only by virtue of the fact that it’s IN THE ROUND but I was lucky to work with fantastic dancers who helped create new choreography in the style of Bob Fosse that hasn’t been seen in the show before.

If you’re in the area, get a ticket to see this fab cast and crew do their thing. Click here for info.

Take a look at some pics from opening night below.

UPDATE: The production received a rave, four-star review from Sacramento’s major newspaper.  Very, very proud of the entire cast and crew – the kind words are well-deserved for their effort and artistry.  I don’t take credit as it is their talent and imagination are what truly bring this show to life.

All photos by Charr Crail.

Brenda Braxton and company – “All That Jazz”

Aaron Felske and Lindsay Roginski – “Funny Honey”

The ladies of “Cellblock Tango”

“We Want Billy”

Tom Hewitt and ladies in “All I Care About Is Love”

Lindsay Roginski as “Roxie”

Tom Hewitt and company – “Razzle Dazzle”

Roz Ryan and Brenda Braxton – “Class”

Lindsay Roginski and Brenda Braxton – “Nowadays”

Brenda Braxton and Lindsay Roginski – “Nowadays”

Me checking out the lights at a tech rehearsal before opening night