Michelle Obama Named “Most Admired Woman In America”

Michelle and Barack Obama named "Most Admired" in America
Michelle and Barack Obama named “Most Admired” in America

Gallup reports that for the first time in 17 years, a woman other than Hillary Clinton tops the list of women Americans admire most.

Former first lady Michelle Obama, who finished second to Clinton three times and is currently touring to promote her recently released autobiography, won by a significant margin this year. Oprah Winfrey was second, with Clinton and Melania Trump next.

Meanwhile, former President Barack Obama was the winner among men for the 11th consecutive year, including one year as president-elect, eight as president and two as former president. President Donald Trump ranks second for the fourth year in a row.

Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton Recognized As “Most Admired” For 10th Year In A Row

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton

For the 16th consecutive year, Hillary Clinton has been named as the most admired woman in America according to Gallup Polling.

Hillary has been honored with the title 22 times. This year she edged out Michelle Obama by just two points.

Barack Obama clinches his 10th title as the most admired man in America in a row ahead of – who else? – Donald Trump.

Trump is the first U.S. president in the poll’s 71-year history not to win most admired man in his first year in the White House.

Yet another thing to drive the Trumpster crazy…

Gallup Poll: President Obama And Hillary Clinton Named “Most Admired”

President Barack Obama was again named the man most Americans admire in Gallup’s annual poll. He has been on the top of the list every year since 2008.

Obama also currently enjoys an unusually high approval rating, 56%, for an outgoing president.

Hillary Clinton was the woman Americans most admired for the 15th year in a row.

From Politico:

In second place was his successor, Donald Trump, favored by 15 percent.

Others in the top 10 included Pope Francis in third place and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in fourth, followed by the Rev. Billy Graham in fifth. Bill Clinton tied for sixth place with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Dalai Lama and Bill Gates, while Vice President-elect Mike Pence came in 10th.

Asked to name the woman they most admire, 12 percent of Americans polled by Gallup chose Hillary Clinton, who has come in first in the poll 21 times, a record. First lady Michelle Obama came in second, at 8 percent.