Saturday Slow Down – Pool Time

Spent the day being lazy by the pool with the hunky hubby Michael.

When he’s relaxing by the pool, Michael insists on 80s rock hits – I think he was singing along to Journey here. I”m a smooth jazz kinda guy myself. Michael didn’t know I was taking this pic…

He has press days coming up with celeb clients and I’m heading to Sacramento to choreograph BYE BYE BIRDIE for Sacramento Music Circus this coming week. So, might be the last lazy day for a while.

Regular readers of The Randy Report know I”m still active in the theater, and this is the third gig for me at Sacramento. I’ve previously posted about my experiences with CHICAGO and A CHORUS LINE there.

The next few weeks will include posts about the evolution of BBB at the Music Circus, so be prepared 🙂

More wine!

Two Wild And Crazy Guys – Michael & Greg In Miami

Hot hubby Michael is currently in Miami with his BFF Greg while I hold down the fort here at home.

Don’t cry for me – I’ve got a bottle of Chardonnay and four pups by the pool here 🙂

In any case, I felt it worth sharing just what it’s like to hit The Magic City with these two “wild and crazy guys…”

Video directed by Chad Saunders (and somehow I’ve been credited with “choreography” LOL).

Texting Coast To Coast With Michael

Actual text conversation as my hubby Michael is in NYC with clients doing national press, and I’m in San Diego choreographing West Side Story:

Michael: “It’s been one of those days.”

Me: “I get it. I know, it’s been tough here, too…”

Michael: “Don’t even send a pool pic.”


Me: “Awww, hahahahahahahahaha….”

Miami Beach says ‘Hey!’

Hubby Michael and I on Miami Beach for a moment.  Merry, merry everyone!

Only found about 20 minutes to enjoy the actual ‘beach’ at Miami Beach this trip, but it was beautiful weather.

Nice company, too.

Watching the snow in Chicago now on layover as United Airlines pulls a light bulb from a plane so we can take off and get home.  Delayed two hours so far.

More wine!

NYC: Michael’s 45th birthday with the in-laws

Today is my husband’s birthday! Happy birthday Michael!

His parents came into NYC for birthday lunch, and we braved the weekend tourists to see the tree at Rockefeller Center. CROWDS! Ah, NYC at the holidays.
Me with Dot (mother-in-law) and Michael
Lou and Dot with Michael at the Rockefeller Christmas tree
Me with Michael – Happy birthday, I got you a tree for your birthday!

Why you should go to the doctor when something hurts…

I spent the morning checking Michael into the hospital for an exploratory surgery related to a pain he’s had since January. 

For several months Michael has complained about a pain in his abdomen.  First thoughts and opinions were “oh, it’s a kidney stone.”  So he drank a ton of water and cranberry juice for weeks.  No improvement.

Next, there was thought about something internal.  So he had a colonoscopy.  Nothing there.

Then, it was decided that maybe he has “chronic appendicitis.’  OK.

So today Michael went in for exploratory surgery and what they found wasn’t anything we expected: a hole in Michael’s abdominal wall.  The appendix didn’t look good either, so that was removed but this “hole in the wall” thing was very unexpected.  The surgeon was able to address the issue and fix, and Michael will be fine soon.

BUT – this would not have healed itself.  I bring this up because too many times a lot of us – including me – put off going to a doctor even though something aches or doesn’t feel right.  If Michael hadn’t gone in today, this would have continued and possibly gotten worse.

When I was diagnosed with cancer three years ago, it was after four months of an ache I’d had.  I kept thinking it would clear up.  Boy was I wrong.

So when something feels wrong, give your body a chance to address it but don’t wait so long that something serious can get worse.  You never know…

Surgical photo from today