Matt Baume Explains “The Phantom Roadmap To LGBT Discrimination”

Matt Baume (of the regularly scheduled Marriage News Watch videos) explains:

“Scheming villains thirst to rollback the progress our nation has made toward full LGBT equality. But, could they actually do it? Insidious laws like Arkansas’ innocent-sounding “Intrastate Commerce Improvement Act” (sb202) may provide the roadmap.”

With a healthy helping of humor, Baume serves up how the haters look to still discriminate.

Matt Baume On The Wedding Cake Wars

Matt Baume, of Marriage News Watch fame, brings us this fireside chat on the “wedding cake wars” happening in some states.

Baume answers questions like, why do some bakeries have to sell gay wedding cakes, but they don’t have to sell cakes with homophobic slurs? And what’s REALLY at stake here?

Baume is smart, funny and breaks it all down for you in this easy to “digest” little video.