Christmas Music: Mannheim Steamroller “Silent Night”

The cover for Mannheim Steamroller's Silent Night

The cover for Mannheim Steamroller's Silent Night

The perfect recording for Christmas Eve.

Years ago, when I was a struggling actor in NYC, my best friend Carlye discovered Mannheim Steamroller’s first holiday album, Christmas.

Mannheim Steamroller’s founder, Chip Davis, had found the perfect formula of light, airy instrumental versions of favorite holiday songs.

The first time Carlye played this for me, we were huddled up in our sweats about 10 pm on Christmas Eve.

With only candles lit in our small one-bedroom apartment, and our version of “egg nog” – egg nog, amaretto, and a bit of vanilla bean ice cream – we sat quietly enjoying our inexpensive real Christmas tree as this played out in the shadows.

The last-minute or so always leads me to imagine Santa and the elves working through the winter, getting ready for the big night.

And as the toy piano and jingle bells play, the wind at the north pole whips up to send him out into the night.

To this day, one of my favorite memories AND traditions, thanks to my BFF Carlye.

Looking back at how little we thought we had, it’s amazing to know how much we really did.

Happy Christmas everyone.