Sydney Enters ‘Hard Lockdown’ Due To Delta Variant Outbreak

From CNN:

Sydney will enter a hard two-week lockdown on Saturday night local time as authorities try to contain a fast-spreading outbreak of the highly infectious Delta coronavirus variant in Australia’s largest city, the state leader said.

More than a million people in downtown Sydney and the city’s eastern suburbs were already under lockdown due to the outbreak, but health authorities said they needed to expand that after more Covid-19 cases were recorded, with exposure sites increasing beyond the initial areas of concern.

The curbs on Sydney, home to more than 5 million people, are the latest in a streak of short but hard lockdowns that have been imposed in Australia’s cities in recent months to fight small outbreaks of the coronavirus.

There were 38 cases of different COVID-19 variants reported by late Sunday, the first time in months that so many different regions in Australia had reported new infections on the same day.

The government has received criticism for a slow rollout of COVID vaccinations. According to government statistics, only about 1.4 million full vaccinations have been administered in the country of 25 million people.

News Round-Up: January 4, 2021

Screen capture from Brokeback Mountain
Screen capture from Brokeback Mountain
Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain (screen capture)

Some news items you might have missed:

Out Magazine: The author of Brokeback Mountain says she wishes she’d never written the story because so many people now pen fan fiction based on the characters attempting to give ‘Ennis’ and ‘Jack’ a happy ending.

Acadiana Advocate: Nineteen-year-old Holden White is lucky to have survived a Grindr date gone horribly wrong during which he was strangled, stabbed, hit in the head, and nearly had his hands sawed off.

BosGuy: The new year is here and so is the 2021 Warwick Rowers calendar (below).

The 2021 Warwick Rowers calendar is here
(image via BosGuy)

Associated Press: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has ordered a new 6-week lockdown for England in an attempt to get the new quickly spreading variant of the coronavirus under control. Under the new rules, schools and colleges will be closed for face to face learning except for the children of key workers and vulnerable pupils; all nonessential services like hairdressers will be closed, and restaurants can only operate takeout services.

KFOR News: An Oklahoma City gar bar has been vandalized with food two nights in a row.

Right Wing Watch: Lin Wood, an attorney who has partnered with leaders of the “Stop the Steal” movement and has called on Trump to declare martial law and use the military to oversee a new election, charged on Twitter in the early hours of Monday morning, “I believe Chief Justice John Roberts & a multitude of powerful individuals worldwide are being blackmailed in a horrendous scheme involving rape & murder of children captured on videotape.”

Fitness Transformation During Quarantine Inspires Twitterverse

Chicago-based Realtor Greg Bloomer (via Instagram)

So, what did you do during these past months of coronavirus lockdown?

Chicago Realtor Greg Bloomer rocked social media recently by sharing his inspiring fitness transformation over the past three months.

On his Instagram account,  he shared that he realized he was becoming depressed during the first month of lockdown and began to gain weight.

So, he decided to make some changes for himself. In addition to following a keto diet (low carb), he’s been pumping out more than 45 minutes of cardio 4-5 times a week.

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So I wasn’t going to post this on Instagram, because… well yeah (sorry grandma), but after the overwhelming reaction on Twitter and the article on @queerty I have decided to share. It’s been 90 days since I decided to make a big change in my life. A month into quarantine I was depressed and gaining weight which scared the hell out of me. I had always wanted to lose weight, and was actually working out about 3-5 times a week before quarantine which helped my health greatly, but I wasn’t shedding lbs. I decided to give a keto (very low carb) diet a chance, and the results have been almost unbelievably quick. I am also doing 45+ minutes of cardio 4+ times week. It’s not easy, but seeing the change has been extremely motivating for me. I don’t hate the attention either…. I feel better than I have in possibly my entire life, and am proud to post this picture. Being overweight (which I still am) is always difficult as it’s been so stigmatized, especially in the gay community. There is no right body type — whatever makes you happy, and has you feeling good, is the right answer for you. If someone doesn’t like it, they can choke. I’m excited to see what happens in the next 90 days! Sorry in advance for being a thot on the internet.

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Acknowledging the effort hasn’t been easy, Bloomer says the results kept him motivated. And an added bonus: “I don’t hate the attention either.”

The 29-year-old adds that he feels “better than I have in possibly my entire life.”

Bloomer also shares that he’s struggled with the way he looks for some time because being overweight is “so stigmatized, especially in the gay community.”

He underscores in his message that he believes “there is no right body type – whatever makes you happy, and has you feeling good, is the right answer for you.”

He closes his post saying he’s excited for his next 90 days of progress and ‘apologizes’ for “being a thot on the internet.”

On Twitter, he shared the before/after pics saying he hesitated posting them because he’s still “not totally comfortable” in his own skin, BUT he deservedly felt a bit of pride in hitting the 90-day mark of his current fitness journey, “So idgaf.”

The Twitterverse, by the way, is totally comfortable with Bloomer sharing his journey.

He may not have seen it, but I think Bloomer was already pretty woofy. He was totally rocking the furry goodness. He also gets bonus points for sharing his adorbs Corgi, Bisquit, with the InstaVerse.

Props to Bloomer for making changes that empower him and for sharing the inspiring journey with others.

Check out more from his Instagram below.

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Almost fell off of my bike trying to take this 🤗

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I’m hungry for attention. #Help

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