Radio Show: “The Left Of Str8 Show”

As we come to the end of two intense weeks of political wrangling, I thought I’d switch up the tone for a second on The Randy Report and share this radio interview I did with Scott Fullerton on The Left of Str8 Show.

I’ve listened to Scott’s show for several months, and he’s always got great guests week in, week out (and no, I’m not referring to me).

I love that there’s always a mix of LGBT musicians, authors, activists and more. Definitely my kind of show.

I was uber-impressed with the amount of research Scott did in preparation for my interview. I thought we were going to chat on the current political news cycle and instead I found myself recounting some of my infamous adventures from Broadway. If you hit play below, you’ll hear about my journey as an actor from Texas to the Great White Way

My segment starts at the 10 minute mark. But I encourage you to check out his other episodes archived on BlogTalkRadio. You can also subscribe to his show via podcast on iTunes here.