Lance Armstrong confesses to Oprah

This interview has so much news around it.

Basically – “Yes, I doped, and it wasn’t humanly possible to win seven Tour de France titles without it.”

No matter how you approach it, you can’t help but feel sad. Every question Lance Armstrong answers – and they’re all “yes” here – kind of diminishes the spirit of achievement that we all want to see in our athletic heroes.

And – as a cancer survivor myself – the voice and visibility Lance has brought to the cancer discussion has been so important. I think his sense of invincibility inspired so many. And I really don’t want that lost somehow.

Livestrong released a statement after Armstrong’s confession:

“We at the Livestrong Foundation
are disappointed by the news that Lance Armstrong misled people during
and after his cycling career, including us,” the statement posted to its website began.
“We accepted his apology in order
to move on and chart a strong, independent course,” Livestrong
continued. “We look forward to devoting our full energy to our mission
of helping people not only fight and survive cancer, but also thrive in
life after cancer.”