98 Degrees debuts new song: “Microphone”

98 Degrees is the latest boy band from yesteryear to drop a brand new single.

The men of 98 Degrees debuted the new track on New York radio station Z100 yesterday.

“Microphone” is the first new song from the group in a decade. Glad to hear Jeff Timmons lead off the song.

This is the first track from their upcoming CD titled “2.0”

98 Degrees: We’ll give the fans what they want

Thousands of fans are looking forward to this summer’s “The Package” Tour featuring 98 Degrees, NKOTB and Boys II Men. And now comes the news that not only are they reuniting for the tour, but 98 Degrees is in the studio making new music.

But don’t worry fans – Jeff Timmons, founding member of 98 Degrees, promises the fans will get the goods they are looking for. From People Magazine:

Timmons adds that the group isn’t resting on their laurels, they’re back in the studio, working on new music. “We’ve all developed different sounds,” he added. “I’m more R&B. A couple of the other guys are more pop. So it’s fun to put us together and see what we come up with.”

But they’ll still perform many of their old songs this summer when they embark on The Package Tour, a joint tour with New Kids on the Block and Boyz II Men.

“That’s what people remember us for,” Timmons said. “I think our most popular song is ‘I Do,’ which still gets played at weddings. But people also like ‘The Hardest Thing.’ We’ll definitely give them what they want.”

I, for one, am glad to see the guys back together. I loved their music back in the 90s and still do. Great vocals all around.

For the upcoming tour, though, I hope Jeff plans to give the fans not only the music that the fans want, but also at least a hint of the beef cake I know the fans also admire about the guys of 98 Degrees.  Here’s a just sample – if you’ve got a Porsche, kids, you don’t keep it in the garage…):

Jeff Timmons on 98 Degrees reunion rumors

Earlier this month, millions of pop music fans were excited when they heard rumors that former ’90s boy band 98 Degrees was reuniting for a tour this summer.

Unfortunately, said rumors were quickly shot down by band member and soon-to-be-father Nick Lachey, who on Twitter wrote, “So psyched to see all the excitement for a 98 degree tour, but the only tour I’ll be doing this summer is at baby’s ‘r us.” (Nick and his wife, Vanessa Lachey, are expecting their first child together this year.)

“I honestly don’t think it’s gonna happen at all now,” founder and creator of 98 Degrees Jeff Timmons said, candidly. “If it wasn’t gonna happen now, it wasn’t gonna happen last year … Maybe it’ll never happen.”

“We had gotten serious about it,” he said, of the proposed summer tour. “So much so that a tour was being put together for us; a 15-city tour. We got on the phone, all of the guys discussed it, and it seemed like a go. And then not everybody wanted to do it, for various reasons. We make decisions collectively as a group; not one person make decisions. [Since] not all four of us were on the same page, we decided not to do it.”

“I would love to get back in the studio with 98 degrees, but I just don’t think it’s gonna happen,” Timmons says. “Some of us want to do music, and some of us don’t. We all gotta want to do it; we can’t be forced into that. It’ll come through in the music. So, I don’t think it’s gonna happen. I would love the opportunity, but right now it doesn’t seem like it’s gonna go down.”

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98 Degrees Star Jeff Timmons Congratulates Jake Pavelka on Joining the Chippendales

Jake Pavelka and Jeff Timmons

From IN Touch: Jake Pavelka, the former star of The Bachelor, will be honing his emcee skills as a celebrity guest host for a month as Chippendales celebrates its 10th anniversary at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas beginning on February 23.

While the sexy reality star will not be stripping to his skivvies, Jeff Timmons, formerly of the über-popular boy band 98 Degrees, has shown his perfect pecs on the Chippendales stage and has some words of advice for Jake.

“Jake is gonna have a blast!” Jeff tells In Touch exclusively. “The Chipps are wild and crazy, but at the same time, first-class! The girls get a little bananas, so we’ll see if he can handle it.”

Jeff’s limited one-month run was such a sold-out smash last year that it was extended for a whole summer.

Jeff Timmons in the recording studio – in underwear

98 Degrees star and current Special Musical Guest/MC for Chippendales at the Rio in Las Vegas recently tweeted this pic saying:

“Working in the studio at The Palms in Las Vegas. Always record in my undies. Is that weird?”

I vote “not weird at all” – if I looked like that I’d work in my briefs too.  And can you believe Jeff doesn’t like to wear shorts in public because he doesn’t care for his legs for some reason.  I think he looks pretty amazing.

When you’ve got a Porsche, you don’t keep it in the garage kids…

Jeff Timmons and Chippendales help collect school supplies for needy kids in Las Vegas

Jeff Timmons and Chippendales Kris Davis & Jace Crispin were up early today to help FOX5’s “Supply Our Students” program.

The guys participated in the supply drive today with Monica Jackson of FOX5 in making sure needy students in the valley don’t get left behind this school year.

A massive number of pencils, rulers, and notebooks were among the many school supplies received for the Supply Our Students Drive.

The effort, which is being spearheaded by FOX5, NV Energy, McDonalds, 102.7 The Coyote, 96.3 KKLZ, and the Salvation Army, collects school supplies for students 12 at-risk schools in the Title-One program. This year’s drive is especially important given the current downturn of the economy.

Jeff Timmons and Chippendales at Planet Hollywood

Fun time today with the Chippendales and Special Musical Guest host Jeff Timmons at the Planet Hollywood ‘Pleasure Pool’ Bikini Contest.

The girls were hot, the guys were hot…  what more could you want out of Las Vegas?
(click on a photo for a larger version – photo credit: Arlene Richie)

Jeff Timmons, Chippendales Special Musical Guest & Host

Jeff Timmons and the Chippendales at Planet Hollywood Pleasure Pool

The Chippendales at Planet Hollywood Pleasure Pool

With the winner of the Hot Bikini contest

With the finalists of the Hot Bikini Contest

Jeff Timmons and the men of Chippendales at Planet Hollywood’s Pleasure Pool

Jeff Timmons at Chippendales: “it’s flirty, not dirty”

Great interview with Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees talking about his current gig at Chippendales at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas as Special Musical Guest & MC – GuySpy.com

Jeff talks about misconceptions of what people think Chippendales is, what it’s like to be in “Chippendales shape” again and also living in Las Vegas.

“It’s the male version of the Pussy Cat Dolls or Playboy,” says Timmons. “Girls love ’em, guys love ’em. Every guy I know, gay or straight, says ‘I’m not gonna see that shit,’ until they go. It’s not in your face; it’s flirty, not dirty.”

Celebs finding Chippendales to be the “new cool”

From the Jersey Shore’s Ronnie to latin superstar Jon Secada to 98 Degrees lead singer Jeff Timmons – who just opened his run as Special Musical Guest & Host at Chippendales to a weekend of sold out shows – celebrities have been coming to Chippendales at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Vegas to pose in the iconic “cuffs & collar” of Chippendales and be seen.

Check out some pics of recent celebs at the shows:

Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees – current Special Musical Guest and MC at Chippendales

Ronnie from Jersey Shore

Latin Superstar Jon Secada with the men of Chippendales