Tips For Better Mental Health During COVID-19 Pandemic

As May is Mental Health Awareness Month AND we continue to face the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, it becomes more and more apparent that our well-being is closely tied to our mental health.

For men, whose natural instinct is to take action, these times present unique challenges as most of us follow stay-at-home guidelines.

With our regular routines interrupted and normal channels for processing stress – like heading to the gym or going out with friends – unavailable to us, thoughts and feelings can turn into anxiety and angst.

In a new article for, Dan Doty, co-founder of EVRYMAN, offers some practical steps on how to help men’s mental health while coping with the stresses of isolation during the coronavirus pandemic.

EVRYMAN is an online community that focuses on helping men act more productively on their emotions instead of burying or redirecting them thereby helping to build a more fulfilling life.

Dan shares these four tips:

• Feel Your Feelings – Taking proactive action for your mental health not only gets you the support you need, but it also helps break down the cultural stigma that can be a barrier to other men getting help.

• Reach out to Connect – A call with your parents, a video chat with your co-workers, or a text message to a sibling can be invaluable right now. In order to make the best of these moments of connection, you can make them count by being more vulnerable and transparent.

• Go Inside (yourself) – You don’t have to become a great meditator or world-class yogi to benefit from the amazing meditation apps that are out there. Don’t overthink it – try an exercise of setting a timer and writing for 10 minutes without stopping. Let go and write anything and everything that wants to come out.

• Take Action – It might feel very tricky to take action right now, but a helpful strategy is to slow down and find small, manageable ways to move forward and orient ourselves to simple, practical actions. What may seem small and mundane at first glance can bring an air of progress and forward momentum.

Click over to Healthline to read Dan’s full article.

Note: EVRYMAN is currently offering free support to men all over the world via community calls and daily drop-in groups as a way for men from all walks of life to band together in support.

Video: Colton Haynes Attempts DIY Haircut

Colton Haynes (screen capture)

Colton Haynes (The Flash, Teen Wolf) returns to YouTube for the first time in four years to offer this light-hearted, “mild entertainment” as he bravely gives himself a haircut with basically no experience to rely on.

“HEY YALL! Please enjoy this in-depth/high-quality video (lol) of me getting ready…to go nowhere…to do nothing,” writes the actor on his YouTube page. “I have no idea how to YouTube yet haha but I’m working on it! Sending all of y’all love during this unsettling time.”

He begins by showing us how he starts his day, fresh from the pillow, and sipping his morning coffee Redbull caffeine.

Side note: Colton is looking very good these days. After some difficult times in the past, we’re happy to see the 31-year-old look so fresh and healthy.

Haynes makes it clear right up front he has no idea where this might go announcing, “I’m not a professional hairstylist, so I don’t call this a tutorial at all.”

“Don’t do this at home, kids. Please, don’t do this to yourselves,” adds the handsome Haynes. “This could, possibly, be terrible…but here we go.”

Haynes begins by blindly shaving the sides and back of his head without the aid of a second mirror. It seems like things might work out ok,…maybe.

Our intrepid hero goes a little high on the left side but tries to even it out. You know what that means…

“That doesn’t look too bad, though, does it?” he asks halfway through the haircut.

He also just “goes for it” in addressing the back of his head. Perhaps a bit patchy, but, hey – who’s going to see it anyway?

“It doesn’t look bad,” declares Haynes. “It’s not at all blended, but…looks clean…I think.”

In the end, we can confidently report Haynes definitely has less hair on his head.

If you want expert advice on keeping up with your hair and facial fur, click over to Instinct Magazine’s chat with haircare expert Christopher Cetroni here.