Hunky Steve Grand shares naked Lake Superior “ALS Plunge” video

We’ve seen the naked picture, but now – as promised – out singer/songwriter Steve Grand makes good on his promise of video footage of his naked Lake Superior “ALS Plunge.”

We don’t get to see much, but we do get a full minute of Mr. Grand addressing us in the buff.

In addition to ALS, I chose to donate to two other charities I feel passionate about. I encourage everyone out there to find a cause you are passionate about, do your research, and donate according to your means. Remember, numerous little donations are what make the biggest differences!

The Water Project ( is another charity I feel passionate about, as there are nearly 1 billion people in the developing world that do not have access to clean, safe, drinking water.

The Night Ministry – The Crib, is one of the charities I chose to donate to. LGBT youth are disproportionately affected by homelessness. Some studies show as many as 40% of homeless youth identify as LGBT. The Night Ministry – The Crib, is a local, Chicago emergency overnight shelter that accepts 20 youth a night.

And don’t forget you can donate to ALS by clicking here.

(h/t Queerty)

A wet and naked Steve Grand reinvents the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Naked and wet, out singer/songwriter Steve Grand does his own version of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Wet and naked Steve Grand

Out singer/songwriter Steve Grand shared a pic of himself after diving into Lake Superior naked putting his own nude spin on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Along with the pic, Steve wrote this:

“I don’t always get naked, but when I do, it’s for a good cause. I didn’t want to waste fresh water (since there are so many without) so naturally, I jumped into Lake Superior, naked, after my performance here in Duluth, MN. Video to come soon.

“I’m donating to ALS (visit as well as 2 other charities I am passionate about. ( and a local LGBTQ homeless youth charity).

“I nominate ALL of you, to find a charity you are passionate about (in addition to ALS), do your research, and donate according to your means. Love you all! -Steve”

Boyband does naked ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I’m not sure why naked, but not gonna argue…

Apparently, the young hotties finished fourth on the second season of The X Factor USA, and were subsequently signed on Simon Cowell’s Syco label.

In 2013, they won a Teen Choice Award for Breakout Group. Their debut album, Nothing To Lose, reached #7 on the Billboard 200.

But back to the issue “at hand” (if you will) these guys should cherish their instincts for getting attention.  It seems to be working…

Naked Boy-band Ice Bucket Challenge. Done.

Stop all the viral Ice Bucket challenges – Foo Fighters have just won the internet

I love all the attention being brought to ALS by the Ice Bucket Challenges, but you’ve got to give it to rock band Foo Fighters.

I won’t spoil the fun, but your hint here are the three celebs they pass the challenge on to: Jack Black, John Travolta and Stephen King.


And by the way – for all you folks pouring ice water and doing videos, remember the point is to bring awareness and raise funds for ALS.  Here’s the link to donate.

Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Hunky and handsome out Pennsylvania legislator Brian Sims posts his recent video taking part in the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.”  I think we’re all a little disappointed that Brian chose to wear clothes, but admire him for bringing attention to ALS.

About the “Ice Bucket Challenge:”

As a part of the so-called “ice bucket challenge,” started by a Massachusetts resident who has lived with ALS since 2012 to raise awareness for the disease, after posting their own ice-bucket videos, participants nominate others to get drenched via social media to keep the cycle going. If those challenged don’t accept, or fail to post their video within 24-hours, they must donate cash to ALS research.

Every 90 minutes someone is diagnosed with ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s Disease, a devastating neuromuscular disease for which there is no effective treatment or cure. ALS impacts the brain and spinal chord, causing progressive paralysis.

For more info about ALS and to donate, click here.